Essays on Employer Search - the Interviewing and Hiring of New Employees Case Study

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The paper “ Employer Search - the Interviewing and Hiring of New Employees” is a  thrilling example of a case study on human resources. The case discusses a conversation taking place between Dr. Tao Wong and Mr. Anthony Rodrequez who is the assistant manager of Human Resources at Great Southern University. This conversation is subsequent to a teaching position that Dr. Tao Wong had accepted at the Great Southern University, which was proposed by Professor Elizabeth Sinclair. The terms and conditions that Dr. Wong had accepted in Hong Kong which were verbally communicated by Professor Elizabeth Sinclair have been changed once Dr.

Wong landed in Australia for the teaching position. His case discusses that Dr. Wong had accepted a position that was on a continuing basis and for which he would be compensated for the airfare to Australia, which had been borne by Dr. Wong for the relocation of his family in Australia. Moreover, Professor Sinclair had communicated that Dr. Wong would be given a relocation allowance along with a permanent position as a faculty member of the University. Upon reaching Australia, Dr. Wong is told by Mr.

Rodrequez that Dr. Wong will not be compensated for any airfare and will not be given any relocation allowance. Moreover, Dr. Wong will be on a two-year contract as a visiting faculty member. In this case, several issues pertaining to Human Resource Management and Ethics arise in relation to the terms of employment communicated to Dr. Wong and the way the communicated to him, along with the discrepancies that arose in the employment terms. The paper analyzes various elements of the case in the light of peer-reviewed articles that have been seeking to understand and evaluate the case. What is the main issue in the case and how did it arise? There has been a gross miscommunication of terms of employment between Dr.

Wong and Professor Sinclair. Considering the scenario that Dr. Wong faced, Mr. Rodrequez was responsible to rectify this issue and communicate the right terms of employment to Dr. Wong. (Michael, pp. 14 - 42)Dr. Wong has communicated the fact that he was being employed on a permanent basis with perks including airfare for traveling to Australia and relocation allowance to move from Hong Kong to Australia.

Upon reaching the university, Dr. Wong was informed that he was to be employed on a two-year contract with no perks that were mentioned by Professor Sinclair. Moreover, Professor Sinclair was merely stating general terms of an employment contract and was not specifically informing Dr. Wong about the terms considering she does not have the authority to extend employment on behalf of the university. (Neckerman, Kathryn M.; Kirschenman, Joleen)There are several reasons why such a problem can arise. The first and foremost is the communication gap between the Human Resources Department and the professor.

Both the HR Department and the Professor were talking of two different employment terms and therefore, this left Dr. Wong in the lurch as he was not able to figure out which terms were correct and which terms were not a part of his employment contract. It is mentioned in the case that Mr. Rodrequez had to specifically inform Dr. Wong that the professor was not entitled to inform any employment terms to potential employees and therefore, the confusion had arisen.

(John M & Bishop, John & Dunkelberg, William C, pp. 43 – 52)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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