Essays on Selection Strategy for Merino Textiles Case Study

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The paper "Selection Strategy for Merino Textiles" is an excellent example of a case study on human resources. Merino Textiles (MT), a company dealing with the production of woolen and worsted textile products in Australia is faced with the dilemma of selecting qualified staff due to its HR poor strategies in the process. This task is being undertaken by Louise who is the only staff in HR and Brian who has been general manager of MT for the past four years and has been employed with MT for 20 years rising from an apprentice textile mechanic to become a general manager.

Louise has been in her position for just 12 months and she has always wanted the management to look at the issue of hiring a qualified graduate to be assisting in the HR office. This paper will be looking at various strategies that an HR professional would provide for the new selection strategy of the staff for the MT organization. The proposal will be used to convince the management of the recommendations of the selection of employees. In addition, the paper will be looking at the new selection strategy for hiring the HR graduate and blanket machine operator as specific examples to clearly demonstrate to Brian the benefits of such an approach.

There are various strategies that will be analyzed among them being, offering enough time during the interview, being legal in the hiring process i. e. following all the legal procedures in the process, offering equal employment opportunities in the hiring process and selecting the candidates based on their expertise and merit. 1.0 Introduction Human resources are all individuals involved in one way or another in the effective running of a business, organization or group (Bohlander, G, and Snell, S., 2010).

At MT (Merino Textiles), the company has recently been acquired by an investment company. This has the company has committed 20 million dollars towards expanding the blanket-making section of the mill. This expansion will see production capacity to triple the current production in this section. The existing machinery will also be given a complete overhaul by the maintenance staff and the number of employees employed in this department will rise from 2070.

At the moment, MT is due to commence a recruitment drive that has never been experienced before. Brian and Louise have been mandated with the process of ensuring successful hiring and selection of new staff in the human resource department and blanket – machine operator. Their task will include interviewing and hiring the candidates in order to select the best candidates to fill the positions. This report will discuss some of the important strategies that should be applied by the management during the interview and the selection process. 2.0 Purpose The purpose of this report is to make recommendations to the management of the selected strategies that are to be used by the management in the process of the new selection for the MT staff.

The report will be focusing specifically on the hiring of the new human resource graduate and the blanket – machine operator.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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