Essays on The City of Southbridge Local Government Authoritys HRM Case Study

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The paper "The City of Southbridge Local Government Authority’ s HRM" is a great example of a management case study. Organizations and companies function successfully depending on the relationship between operational and performance strategies at different levels. The human resource management policies together with practices of an organization must be in line or fit with its strategy from its point of the competitive environment and with the immediate business conditions that face it. Strategic human resource management is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objective of an organization in order to improve its performance (Bratton, 2010).

It defines the organization’ s intentions and plans on how its business goals and objectives will be achieved through people. In this regard it is based on the human capital; people who are tasked with implementing the strategic plan, and the systematic approach that should be used in defining where the organization should go and how it should get there. The City of Southbridge Local Government Authority is faced with myriad HRM shortcomings that demand apt restructuring and integration to strategic human resource management (Nel et al. , 2012).

This report is purposed with discussing the role of City of Southbridge Local Government Authority’ s human resource department. The report will also provide a clear understanding as to why the local authority needs to come up with and implement a strategic approach to its human resource management. Accordingly, the report will identify potential areas that must be reformed for the HR function to be strategic. The researcher used a qualitative method for collecting data. First, the researcher extensively reviewed the HR documentation within the company in order to establish its HRM background information.

Similarly, he interviewed all the 21 HR department employees in order to gain an inherent understanding as to how the department operated (Nel et al. , 2012). Consequently, he also interviewed all senior managers from other departments across the organization. Discussion Findings The HR department at the City of Southbridge local government authority was only meant for transactional functions and administration where the payroll and recruitment being the major subsections of the department (Nel et al. , 2012). Entirely, the HR department was perceived and understood as a support function; senior managers and their subordinates alike could not fully comprehend what was really expected of the HR department in the organization (Nel et al. , 2012). The researcher also established that the HR department had never been involved in strategic planning and in fact the former HR-Manager Mr.

Howard, although an effective administrator he neither knew nor understood what strategic planning was all about (Nel et al. , 2012). The department had no evidence of strategic planning and it seemed none of the HR department’ s employees had a clear understanding of what strategic planning was and how it would effectively improve the functioning of the department (Nel et al. , 2012). Critical to note, through interviews with the HR staff, Mr.

Brian concluded that none of them was equipped with relevant HR qualifications or even was a member of a related professional association. Most of them were recruited from an administrative background that initially came to HR in low support jobs and worked their way out over the years to more senior roles. In the same line of discussion, the organization’ s CEO also noted that HR departs ought to work better in order to keep the organization out of trouble particularly in matters of employment (Nel et al. , 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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