Essays on Human Resources: Kind of Tasks and Type of Interaction Assignment

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The paper "Human Resources: Kind of Tasks and Type of Interaction" is a great example of an assignment on human resources. What kind of tasks does HR perform in your company? Upon talking to a number of employees who are working in a number of organizations the basic tasks that an HR performs for a company can be summarized as that of setting strategies and developing a number of policies, standards, systems as well as processes which prove to be helpful in the implementation of these strategies in a number of areas. Some of the functions performed by Human Resources include recruitment and selection, training and development, employee motivation and morale building, organizational design and development, industrial and employee relations, keeping up with laws and compensation and employee benefits management. What type of interaction do you have with HR? The level of interaction that each employee has with the HR department varies depending on the department in which they work in however the HR department is directly or indirectly involved with the undertaking of various employees and acts as ever-present support for the performance of their basic functions. Do you perceive HR positively or negatively?

Why? The perception associated with the HR department is primarily positive. Why this is, is because of the core understanding of the role that the HR fulfills by enhancing an efficient fit between the capabilities of a person and the organization so that not only does the company benefit from its workforce serving as a robust asset but also so that the individual benefits by performing to their optimum level and being rightfully motivated in doing so. Is the function of Human Resource Management important?

Why or why not? Their responses lead me to surmise and agree that there is no doubt associated with the fact that Hunan Resource Management is critical to the success or failure of any organization. Mostly because it strengthens organizational capacity which enables a company to achieve a competitive advantage by simply finding a parallel in an enhanced individual capacity by means of practices that reinforce competitive values within a company.   What interests you personally about Human Resources? The most interesting aspect of HR is, aside from all the core functions that need to be performed by the department, is their ability to manage the crisis in a smooth, tactful manner.

Also it is the fact that a member of the HR team needs to be a good judge of morale and know just when boosting morale through incentives is needed; Making the HR employees dependent not only on their academic learning but having the personality and skills that enable them to make sure that all employees are comfortable with their work environment and perform under acceptable working conditions. Which of the 3 HR roles (administrative, operational and employee advocate or strategic) would you perform well?

Why? Which would be a challenge? Why? The strategic role is one that I believe I would perform well mostly because it goes beyond the basic administrative support function towards operations as well as front line departments. This would be a challenge simply because it requires a focus on taking appropriates measures and support systems that will determine whether market share, sales, and profit will increase or not making an efficient HR strategy as important and decisive as the marketing strategy of a company.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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