Essays on Performance-Based Human Resources Management Assignment

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The paper “ Performance-Based   Human Resources Management” is a spectacular example of the assignment on human resources. Green Pizza Restaurant which is in the hospitality business satisfies hunger by offering pizzas that are healthy and fit for people who are concerned about obesity. To ensure effective operations in UK Green Pizza Restaurant needs to define the organizational structure they will follow and determine the efficiency which will be achieved through it. The organizational structure forms a vital part of any organization. Organizational structure is “ how the team members and individual work” (Organisational Structure, 2010), and having a structure results in a coordinated effort as it defines “ the relationship of reporting, shows the communication channel and identifies how people are linked” .

(Organisational Structure, 2010)Green Pizza Restaurant should look towards a decentralized form of organizational structure as the benefits it will provide to the restaurant will be immense. The UK as a company prefers having a decentralization structure. Green Pizza Restaurant should identify whether it will benefit the restaurant by adopting this structure. Creating an artificial environment like the one which is present and looking at other alternatives will help to come with a good one.

Green Pizza Restaurant by doing so will be able to find the advantage they get from using it. This might encourage them to use it and checking it in different conditions will help to check how effective this might be. Green Pizza Restaurant should accompany the structure which brings standardization. Green Pizza Restaurant should ensure that “ work and skills are standardized as per the structure so that the quality improves and service is better” . (Bernie, 2010) Green Pizza Restaurant while deciding their structure should ensure that the way in which the work is to be carried out is properly defined and standardized. Standardization should also be looked at from “ the side of output and results” .

(Bernie, 2010) Green Pizza Restaurant should see that results match the industry standards as transformation is done with the motive to be the best and ensure that work is carried out better and effectively.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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