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The paper “ Cinema Manager - Job Description  and Analysis”   is an inspiring example of a resume on human resources. Job Title: Cinema Manager. Grade: Managerial position, grade 45. Location: Hendon, London. Context: Job for a new cinema which is owned by Middlesex University. Job purpose: Managing the day to day activities which includes different HR needs, training of staff and marketing initiatives for better operationsJob tasks: Key tasks include: Ensuring sales targets are met Developing public relation Developing promotional activities Building relation between the film cinema students and others in the university recruiting, training and supervising staff marketing the cinema within the local and University arena Performance standards: Better use of resources and reducing costAdvancement opportunities: Opportunity to become a manager on a good performanceWorking conditions: This includes Salary: £ 25,000 - £ 50,000 (depending experience). Profits-linked bonus Working hours: 35hrs/week, Job AnalysisJob analysis is a process that is used to find out the different determinants of the job and the importance those have so that based on it the correct person can be selected.

This looks at analyzing the different aspects associated with the job so that based on the criteria the person can be selected for the required post (Byham, 2001).

For example in the above situation key criteria which has been used for analyzing a job and selection a person based on it is ensuring sales targets are met, developing public relation, developing promotional activities, building relation between the film cinema students and other in the university, recruiting, training and supervising staff and marketing the cinema within the local and University arena. The identification of the different important criteria associated with the job and then looking for the prospective candidate based on it helps to select the best person.

Job analysis is important for HR managers because Firstly, it helps the human resource manager to make arrangements for the different types of manpower which the organization will need based on the demand and supply of manpower (Miles, 2002). This helps the human resource manager to plan well in advance and ensures that a mechanism is developed which will help to carry out the different process in the most effective manner Secondly, it is an essential part of the recruitment and selection process as it helps to select the most prospective candidate based on the different people who have to send their application for the job.

Matching the job requirements with the job profile of the customer ensures that the selection of the candidate is based on correct grounds Thirdly, it helps to identify the different training needs as comparing the present skills which the employee has and the skills which will be required for performing the job the training needs can be found. This will help to stress on areas that are important and will bring about a change in the behavior of people by providing the required training.

This will thereby help to ensure that correct skills are imparted to the employees. Fourthly, it helps to determine the compensation package as it provides the required information based on which compensation is decided. This thereby helps ensure that compensation is based on correct and clear grounds that are easily identifiable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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