Essays on The Disadvantage of the Human Resource Planning Process Coursework

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The paper 'The Disadvantage of the Human Resource Planning Process " is an outstanding example of human resources coursework.   “ It is not enough to understand what we ought to be unless we know what we are, and we do not understand what we are unless we know what we ought to be” , once said, TS Elliot. This line is most relevant in an understanding of the human resource management scenario in the corporate world today. A commercially viable and successful venture needs to look into a strong and well-meaning human resources management functions (HRM).

HRM is constituted by a number of important variables which act as stout foundations so as to enable the management to build and run the venture successfully. HRM plans that are developed thoughtfully keeping in view correct methodologies go a long way in establishing a quality business. In other words, HR maintenance plans assure quality output in organisations (Mitchell, 2001). Since a number of variables go into the making of HRM, the fields thereof are often complex in nature and overlap and intertwine with the management strategies that define the overall extent, implementation and reach of any venture.

Needs pertaining to staffing, training and recruitment fall into this domain, as does the retention of best employees, reduced attrition rates, value for money, and deliverance of high performances.   Not only that, but it is also one of the duties of HRM to look into issues that arise out of lack of employee performance. It is important for HRM to check whether or not management and personnel practices are conformed to various regulations within the business (McNamara, 2001). Personnel policies, employee compensation and benefits, and correct employee record-keeping are the benchmarks of an effective HR strategy, which also decides and deliberates upon the approach to be adopted pertaining to these elements of a company.

While large businesses have full-fledged HR divisions to handle such activities, small business – which may be nonprofit or forprofit – have to accomplish these activities in the absence of established Hr divisions as having HR divisions on their own can be expensive propositions. That, however, does not absolve these small businesses from having a set of their stipulated regulations to which personnel policies conform. This report looks at the issue of planning in the management of human resources.

The point to be understood is that in modern times where organisations are faced with budgeting requirements that need advanced planning, it becomes essential that the organisation is able to streamline its personnel management function to the overall goals, opportunities and threats of the organisation. To this tune then the assignment will look at analysing the role of an integrative approach towards the human resource management in the overall organisational functions.

Here the paper will look at the importance of human resource planning like planning for other departments like operations and marketing and how this helps in achieving the larger organisational role. The act of identifying and subsequently quantifying resources pertaining to personnel and thereby assessing the needs that could arise in future in an organisational form one of the integral processes of human resource planning. Deficiencies that arise from the pool of resources, from within or outside of the company, attributable to many reasons like shortage of staff or paucity of capable recruits, issues pertaining to employee salaries, lack of training in case of existing personnel need also to be looked into by HR.

The responsibility of identifying the loose ends and finding solutions to the related problems rests on HR so that companies achieve realistic targets. A capable strategy pertaining to human is essential to achieve this (Barney, 1995).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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