Essays on Human Resource Management of SG Cowen Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Management of SG Cowen " is a good example of an assignment on human resources. As a member of the Super Saturday recruiting and selection panel, and on behalf of SG Cowen, my plight is to come up with a decision that will impact greatly on the human capital at the company in a two-way process. Primarily, as part of the corporate staff, the success of SG Cowen directly translates to greater achievements of my career goals as a financial investment professional working for a sterling investment firm.

Therefore, selecting the best candidates from the group ought to be the first priority of the selection process. Further, any hitches in the selection process from my part may impact indirectly on my credibility and reputation from fellow recruitment panelists, fellow workers, and my seniors. Thus, my focus targets candidates who possess both functional and cultural qualities that fit the SG Cowen corporate goal with the financial market sector. From my analysis, the two candidates to fill in the two remaining slots are Natalya Godlewska and Andy Sanchez. Natalya Godlewska comes out as the strongest candidate among the four.

She presents a high caliber of academic qualification with the best grades with respect to her undergraduate studies in Finance and Master in Business Administration qualifications. She also has a strong backup of positive reference from her former employers; a trait that puts her above par in comparison to others and emerges as reliable and professional. Her interaction with the company that developed software for major Wall Street firms places her at the forefront with respect to the current global IT era.

In context, she stands out well acquainted with the happening in the IT aspects of finance and investment. Further, she has a good knowledge of the financial markets, the background of the finance sector, as well as possesses excellent analytical skills which are very crucial in the investment and capital markets. From the analysis of the interview process, she presents positive qualities that make her come out from the rest based on her determination, focus, assertiveness, and willingness for achieving the best through hard work. On critically looking at the reservations by two members in the Super Saturday recruiting panel; they surround her lacking in English fluency, as well as her stiffness and lack of comfort during small talks at the onset of the interview.

However, the aspect of language fluency does not appear to be a hindrance from a personal view keeping in mind that the lady is a go-getter and would not settle for less than a win in her tasks. Her cultural background, as well as her knowledge of other languages, may work positively in her appreciating people of different backgrounds and cultural settings who frequent Wall Street.

Therefore, the reservations do not merit disqualifying her from hiring as she stands out as the strongest candidate among the four, thus, an excellent addition to SG Cowen. The second choice of Andy Sanchez is fundamentally pegged upon his endurance and capability to manage his education, as well as running a successful business which adds more credibility to his skills. This brings out his capability to multi-task effectively although his grades seem to have been affected by the initiative.

In this regard, his undergraduate GPA grades caught the attention of the panelists but his explanation was evident that the academic credentials cannot hamper his ability to learn fast once hired at SG Cowen. The ability to manage education and successfully run the business venture merits approval as a hard-working person. Further, it is evident from the SAT and GMAT scores which are very good that he is a high performer, and of cognitive ability. His outgoing personality also will expose him to more professionals which are a plus in garnering crucial experience necessary at SG Cowen.

With a clear focus and reference to the positive traits exuded by this candidate, I find him better placed than the other remaining two to take up the second slot of candidates needed by Rae. Finally, I would summarise Andy Sanchez’ s competence based on his genuine interest in investment banking and specifically to do with SG Cowen; he has outstanding interpersonal skills with a bias towards entrepreneur ventures which covers a larger proportion of business-persons interested in the Wall Street investments.

These qualities form a conglomerate of useful aspects that SG Cowen is looking for in a professional to permeate its objective of excelling in the investment banking sector at Wall Street.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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