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The paper "Human Resources Management Skills" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Are you a young and passionate individual interested in hospitality? Max Bar and Grill, one of the global leaders in the hospitality industry, is opening its first outlet in the United Kingdom. The human resources department is looking for waiters/ waitresses to take orders and offer services to the new customers in its Greenwich Maritime Bar and Grill. The waiters should provide the ultimate guest experience to the customers. Responsibilities The waiters/ waitresses will be required to perform the following duties: Greet the customers and present the menu Ensuring that the tables are clean at all times, arranging and setting the tables. Taking orders from the customers and serving them with drinks and food upon request, and sell any additional products to the customers upon request. Check the products ordered for quality and correct problems that may keep the customers from enjoying their stay at the restaurant. Provision of excellent services that promote customer satisfaction Cooperate with all the other staff and collect payments from the customers. Requirements Proven work experience in hospitality as a waiter/waitress Ability to solve problems and make quick but informed decisions Must have a high school diploma Be an active listener and have good communication skills Ability to develop good interpersonal relations with fellow workmates and the customers. Food safety training will be an added advantage. Person Specification Job Title: Bar and Grill waiter/ waitress Ref: BGW/ 10/2017 Educational and professional qualifications Essential Interested applicants must be good in English and Mathematics with a minimum score of C in the two disciplines as per the United Kingdom grading standards. Applicants must have basic education and must have completed their secondary education, and have the relevant documents to support this.   Desirable Relevant qualification in the field of hospitality. Training in food and beverage management. Previous experience/ Qualifications Essential Applicants must have previous training in hospitality, bar, and restaurant or a similar role. At least two years’ experience in using computerized till systems   Desirable Have good knowledge of wines and spirits and other drinks served in bars? Interpersonal skills Essential Good communication skills.

Ability to communicate well with fellow employees and customers. Ability to work together with the other waiters to improve customer satisfaction. Good telephone manners   Desirable Good presentation skills Interview Questions and Ideal Answers This section discusses the various questions to be asked during the interviews with the applicants for the position of waiters/waitresses.

The section also discusses the justification of the interview questions with regard to the job specification and job description. What is your greatest strength? The aim of this question is to test whether or not the applicant is qualified for the job in question. Here, the interviewers seek to identify the inherent characteristics and the qualifications of the individuals that make them suited for the job. Successful waiters/waitresses must show the interviewers that they have the skills and experiences required to do the job.

Moreover, they should have supporting documents to prove that their experiences are not made up. How long have you worked in hospitality, bar, and grill or a related field? The number of years working in the hospitality industry is an important deal-breaker for the position of waiter/waitress. Since the Max Bar and Grill is opening a new restaurant in the United Kingdom, it is important that the waiters employed have the experience of handling customers, thus facilitating customer satisfaction. The interviewers will, therefore, seek information on whether or not the interviewee has worked previously as a waiter in other service industries.

Moreover, the management of the restaurant does not need newbies working in the restaurant, hence the need to know the applicant's work experiences. What makes you happy about being a waiter/waitress? Many times, employers have hired individuals who do not have any interest in the jobs they do, thus resulting in poor performance and customer dissatisfaction, especially in service sectors. In many circumstances, people have applied for jobs mainly because of the existence of a vacant position. Such individuals show no interest in the jobs they do and are often frustrated.

The result is the provision of poor services that are likely to spoil the reputation of an organization.


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