Essays on Human Resource Management Strategy and SWOT Analysis of Alshahama Equestrian Club Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resource Management Strategy and SWOT Analysis of Alshahama Equestrian Club” is affecting variant of the case study on human resources. Human Resource Management has been an exclusive paradigm of managing the employees of an organization. It’ s an inclusive field of management that draws from various disciplines, theories, and practices. Human resource management is viewed as an all-embracing term describing a number of distinctive approaches to people management, (Price, 2011). The management of people in an organizational context is central to some issues such as knowledge management, recruitment, deployment, retention, dismissal, and stress management.

The unprecedented changes in an organization in terms of structure, welfare, recruitment, and training and development strategies have resulted from the need for strategies on the available human resource. The benefits of the HR department cannot be gainsaid. The department oversees all matters pertaining to staff welfare and contribution towards work and achievement of organizational objectives. The benefits of employees in organizations have by large prompted rigorous actions by organizations to attract and retain employees through organizational reputation and human relations. ObjectivesThe objectives of this research project are to analyze the Human Resource Strategy of Al Shahama equestrian club by assessing the existing human resource strategy and current SWOT Analysis and provide a critical review of organizations with poor HRM with a summary of my opinion. Research MethodologyThe methodology adopted for the research project is a systematic review approach.

A systematic review approach is a qualitative methodology that uses defined and structured questions forming the basis for research. It is a means of identifying, evaluating, and interpreting all available research relevant to a particular research question, topic area, or phenomenon of interest, (Kitchenham, 2004).

Kitchenham adds that asserts a systematic review provides information about the effects of some phenomenon across a wide range of settings and empirical methods. A systematic review is an appropriate method for this research since it seeks to address specific questions pertaining to the topic of interest which is HRM.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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