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Re: Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection Report for the Post of Financial Analyst in Qantas Airline Executive Summary The human resource manager of Qantas Airline should use effective selection criteria, effective recruitment method, effective selection methods and effective recruitment decision making process to appoint the most suitable applicant for financial analyst job. Qualification requirements of the suitable candidate should be based on duties expected to be executed by financial analyst in order for an effective selection criteria to be observed. In order to recruit the most suitable applicants for the post of financial analyst, various methods of recruitment should be employed.

Website advertisement, newspaper advertisement and use of recruitment agencies are the most effective recruitment methods which will attract the most suitable candidates for the financial analyst job. In order to select the most suitable applicant for the post of financial analyst, two methods of selection notably aptitude test and interview should be employed. Aptitude test is an important selection method since it measures intelligence and skills of the applicants. Conducting an interview during selection process is paramount since it ensures that best person for the job is appointed based solely on suitability and merit.

Various effective decisions must be made by the panelists. The panelists must make final decision based on eligibility and merits of the candidates in order to obtain the most suitable candidate and avoid legal issues. IntroductionHiring suitable new employees within a business organization is one of the challenges faced by many human resource managers. However, effective human resources planning, recruitment criteria and selection criteria enables human resource managers to recruit the right people for the right job thus reducing the cost of training and employee turnover (Chris 2008, p. 74).

Qantas Airline has advertised a job vacancy for a financial analyst to be based at Melbourne Airport. In order for a human resource manager to attain an effective recruitment of the financial analyst, he/she should use effective selection criteria. Besides, the human resource manager should use effective methods of recruitment to attract appropriate pool of applicants. Moreover, use of effective selection methods and decision process should be embraced to select the most suitable applicant for the post of financial analyst.

Effective human resource planning, effective recruitment and selection criteria are essential for hiring the most suitable candidate for the post of financial analyst in Qantas Airline (Daniel 2009, p298). Key Selection CriteriaAn effective key selection criterion is a fundamental element for recruitment of appropriate person to occupy the financial analyst vacancy. To start with, appropriate candidate must hold a degree in finance or other related disciplines from a recognized tertiary institution. A degree in finance or related field is very essential since the financial analyst will participate in strategic duties which require high degree of knowledge.

For instance, the financial analyst will be required to manage and deliver business unit plans and budgets in a timely and precise manner (Vemon 2002, p. 14). The financial analyst will have an obligation to deliver comprehensive cost analysis for operational budgets of all business units to reflect current demand of services and prevailing strategy of entire business organization. These duties are very challenging thus require an individual with high degree of knowledge on financial issues (Daniel 2009, p301).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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