Essays on Human Resources Planning Recruitment and Selection Case Study

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The paper 'Human Resources Planning Recruitment and Selection' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Recruitment and selection play an important role in the success of any organization since they act as a filter that is supposed to select the best candidate. As such, the processes should lead to the appointment of candidates that are loyal, knowledgeable, adaptable, confident, and dependable which should be a good foundation for organizational success. Apart from that, proper recruitment and selection should result in saving organizational costs as the company will not need to replace those already selected.

Proper recruitment and selection should lead to the retention of those selected. This is because the right candidate will be selected as per the job description. This should increase productivity and loyalty thereby leading to organizational success. In addition, organizations should adopt proper recruitment and selection practices in a bid to protect the company from any legal issues that might arise from improper selection. This paper suggests the recruitment and selection process that should be adopted by the Family and Community Services (FACS) in recruiting and selecting the best candidate for the post of the organization’ s Chief Economist.

If adopted, the process should see the company y realize all the benefits stated above. The following is the information relating to a job as a principal economist in the government based in Sydney. The position is based in the family and community services (FACS) in which offers services to over 800,000 people across the state. Selection criteria The key selection criteria that I would consider for the position include; Experience: to perform this job successfully, I would be looking for a candidate who has five years' experience in the same or similar position.

This means exposure to both local and international trade as well as micro and macroeconomics. Experience within the economics field as well as practical experience in economic analysis as well as experience application of economic knowledge to policy, business policies and organizational guidelines Qualification: the suitable candidate will have tertiary qualifications in Economics, finance, or statistics preferably up to a Ph. D. level. This being a managerial level position, a candidate with a managerial qualification such as business management would have an added advantage. Knowledge, skills, and abilities: I would be looking for knowledge in both local and international trade dynamics, knowledge in both micro and macroeconomics, knowledge in economic analysis and modeling as well as the ability to apply economic knowledge to policy, business policies and organizational guidelines.

Being a managerial position, I will be looking for leadership and management skills such as the ability to develop and communicate vision, ability to inspire and motivate ability to bring about and manage change as well as people, financial management skills as well as ability to manage strategically.

In addition, he/she should demonstrate a working knowledge of risk management and governance principles and practices that will enable us to achieve project objectives. Personal characteristics: the ideal candidate should possess highly developed interpersonal and communication skills as well as negotiating, consultation, and influencing skills. He should also be highly innovative and have the ability to work effectively as a team member.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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