Essays on Planning Roles of Human Resources Management in the Airline Industry Case Study

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The paper “ Planning Roles of Human Resources Management in the Airline Industry” is an outstanding variant of the case study on human resources. Emirates Airlines is a subsidiary of Emirates Group. It is also known as the Fly Emirates. The airline is among the biggest airline in the Middle East. Fly Emirates is a national airline of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Its hub is located at Dubai International Airport. The Fly Emirates across six continents with 157 destinations in over fifty countries worldwide carrying over 2,400 passengers every week.

Emirates airlines operate s four of the globe’ s longest non-stop flights from its hub in Dubai to Houston, Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sã o Paulo. These non-stop commercial flights are made possible thanks to Boeing 777-200LR. The airline has the latest Airbus A380 planes which enable the company to operate into other destinations like Bangkok. The success of the airline is made possible by over 40,000 human resources sourced from over 100 countries worldwide. The airline fully owned by the Government of Dubai. This is made possible by falling under the Investment Corporation of Dubai docket (Freeswotanalysis. com, 2011)MissionThe mission of this airliner is to carry passengers from any location in the world through Dubai to any corner of the planet.

The mission of the procurement is to offer responsive and innovative services that viably support the company in a profitable way. The airliner keep itself in tandem with the current changes, shedding the past and while creating a future to long for (Theemiratesgroup. com, 2014)VisionJust like any organization or any business, the Fly Emirates airliner principles and vision which keep it going forward is a calculated and ambitious decision-making, strong and stable team, cutting-edge ideas that lead to the development of a big airlinerThis vision has been a major contributing factor in the growth and development of the airliner.

Business is the backbone with which the airliner's success lies. The airliner is concerned with the employees and other stakeholders’ welfare alongside the communities and the environment it serves. This has played a critical role in airliner’ s past and will continue to do so in the future (Theemiratesgroup. com, 2014)

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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