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The paper 'Human Resources Strategy' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The HR strategy has been confused with the business strategy for a long time now. This paper will concentrate on the development of an effective HR strategy that will help the Air catering company to efficiently man the kind of challenges that they are currently facing and adopt the solutions that can be provided by the human resource strategy development experts. The HR strategy shall be well-coordinated with respect to the vision of the company, the culture, the people, and the organization that is involved within the HR systems.

Therefore to develop an effective HR strategy the process of constructing the system should be well understood. Introduction Air Catering Company mostly come from the USA and is renowned for the system that they previously had in line with the role that they play in the airline passengers. The HR strategic issue has the most attention in the recent past, to ensure that all the company strategies have been achieved to uphold the success and effective operation of the company in the near future.

The changes are inevitable and the people within the company have to solve the challenges that are always calming them down. The development of the HR strategy has various challenges but can be resolved by the HR solutions. All the HR issues should be considered when trying to ensure that the best strategy is adopted to bring about effective movement of the air Catering Company to an upward trend. There is an effort to ensure that the company provides everything to the crew, maintenance, fueling, and management corporate travelers as indicated in the Portland Business Journal by Strom (2002). HR Strategy The individual companies have elevated their performance through the application of the best HR strategy.

This is what Borgulllos (2011) in the article about human resource strategy, where it is stated that the HR strategy is a coordinated set of actions aimed at the integration of an organization’ s culture, organization, the people, and the and the system that is founded in order to find the effective way of having an appropriate HR strategy. In the development of the HR strategy, there are some philosophical questions that are to be answered to ensure that the strategies made are achievable.

Such questions as to where are the company now? Where do they want to be? How do they get there? Are quests that should be commonly asked? The HR strategy has to implement well to ensure that the Air Catering Company works to higher grounds (Borgulllos, 2011). The performance of the Air Catering Company is fully dependent on the best HR strategy at all levels of the working sections.

There are HR strategy issues that can arise in the development of the process of preparing a suitable HR strategy for the Air Catering Company. Since the development of the HR strategy in 1980 in the USA, it has changed the systems of the companies especially the Air catering Company (Brown and Grundy, 2011). The suitable HR strategy The development of a suitable HR strategy can be achieved by the implementation of the four major dimensions. According to Burguilllos (2011), the dimensions are the culture, which has been found as very broad, the organization in this case whereby we have Air Catering Company.

People and HR systems are represented. The beliefs, norms, values, and management style should be considered when developing the Air Catering Company HR strategy. When recruiting the members into various levels where they belong in the Company the level of skills, staff potential, and capable management has to be in place.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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