Essays on Human Resourse Management- Assessment Item 2 - Analytical Report Assignment

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1.0 Introduction1.1 purpose The Merino textiles have been doing great, though the effects of free agreements on trade, increased competition, and rise in the competitiveness of the labor force has been challenge to the company’s success. The main purpose of this report is to propose the best recruitment strategies that this company may adopt in hiring a machine operator and the graduate human resource as well as any future recruitment. 1.2 Scenario The recent acquisition of the Merino textiles Company by an investment company heightens the need to have a more productive labor force in all the departments within the company.

The expansion of the blanket making section calls for a diversified approach from the general manager as well as the human resource manager to get the company fresh human resource through employment of more labor force. Already Merino textiles have more than 400 very productive employees all distributed in the dyeing, yarn spinning, yarn winding, blanket making, maintenances departments and within the office, administration, accounts, and in the human resource sections of the company. As we are aware that the company has been acquired by an investor, who is willing to invest more than 20 million dollars in the expansion of the blanket mill, this as resulted in a dire need to recruit a new operator for the new machines to be bought.

Therefore the company has already shortlisted five candidates for the position of machine operator. The company is also lacking efficiency within the human resource department as only one manager takes control of the whole company, with little assistant from the officer assistant. This has as well led to short listing of six potential graduates to fill the position of graduate HR.

As indicated by Dianne (2001), the human resource department is the key to the success of a company, manly because the welfare of the workers must be well taken care of so as to maintain the level of productivity of the company. This is the main reason why a graduate human resource has to be hired; the pressure will be minimized enabling the human resource department to be more pro-active in handling issues within the company.

Before embarking on a mission to shortlist candidates for the position of graduate human resource and the machine operator, the suitable thing to begin with is advertisement through the newspapers, journals, audio and visual media as well as via the internet; to ensure that the advertisement is widely distributed. This is the first step to get the company very competitive applicants for the position of machine operator and a graduate human resource manager. There is a major problem in the department of Human resource; this department is very essential in running the whole company, therefore, when it is understaffed, inefficiency arises especially in the management of human asset, the most important resource for the success of the company.

It is due to this reason that a new graduate human resource must be hired to fill this gap. 2.0 Proposed strategies2.1 Advertisement Advertisement is described by Joan and Neil (2003) as one of the key initial strategy of ensuring that a company gets a human asset corresponding perfectly with the company’s main goals. The most important thing to observe through out the recruitment process is the company’s goals and how the individual candidate will contribute toward the achievement of these goals.

The main problem facing the Merino Textiles Company is lack of appropriate and strategic advertising policy for positions to be filled by the Merino textiles Company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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