Essays on Human Resurces In Organisations Report Assignment

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Executive SummaryManaging human resources is a key component in the effectiveness of any organization. It calls for measures that create a balance between satisfaction of employees and satisfaction of the organization that the employees are providing value to the organisation. To better suit workers, the provision for flexible working has to be introduced in organisations so that workers can work even when they have to meet other responsibilities that require their presence. Flexible working is capable of making huge benefits for the employers and the employees alike. By handling the issue properly and ensuring that both the employee and the employer have an understanding of their rights, flexible working will benefit them.

This calls for setting up of the right policies that govern the procedure for flexible working. In this report, the concept of the ideal worker in accordance to the case study shall be discussed together with its shortcomings to the organization. Policies shall be proposed to ensure that there is sustainability in the organisation. The report concludes by indicating the benefits obtained from clear policies guiding the process of work flexibility, especially the concept of part time workers.

The workers should have a fare treatment because they are also a productive part of the organisation. The organisation should embrace some of the policies proposed together with monitoring the productivity of the part time employees and continually reviewing their policies with time to accommodate the changing dynamism of work. Human Resources in OrganisationsMost organisations usually require that their workers be at their work place on full time basis to achieve high performance. This limits the opportunity for some workers who might be held up in other responsibilities.

Such workers include women workers who have huge family responsibilities and are at times supposed to give in to maternity and the responsibility there after. For the organisation in case, part time workers are not given the same opportunities as their full time counter parts and the structure of the organisation does not favour their performance. The structure also favours male workers only. The report illustrates some of these issues as well as indicating some of the policies that can be used to address them. The aim of the report includes the following; To demonstrate that the organisation presented has a structure that does not favour the part time structure of flexible working. To propose some of the policies that should be changed and those that should be introduced to address the issues faced by the organisation. Scope wise, the report covers the concept of the ideal worker with respect to the organisation presented.

In addition, it looks into some of the problems that are associated with the issue of the “ideal” worker. These problems are stated with respect to how the organisation and the worker are affected.

Finally, the report proposes some policies that need to be changed and some that need to be introduced to address the problems of part time workers. From the case study, the ideal worker is stated to be the worker who is available and does the work on a full time basis. This includes working overtime and for long hours. Under this case, the ideal worker is assumed to have some partner back at home who carries out the responsibilities at home including handling any family commitments.

For the case of operational areas, the ideal worker is biased to the male worker who is the sole bread winner of his family and this notion emerges because of the belief that such a worker is reliable because of his family responsibilities. For the case of the white collar areas, the ideal worker is not biased to either male or female, but the person has to be somebody who is a go-getter and has a “can do” attitude. The person should have the ability to work for long hours.

This notion was backed by one manager who purported that face time for an ideal worker is very important.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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