Essays on Human and Built Environment in The Man of the Crowd by Edgar Allan Poe Article

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The paper "Human and Built Environment in The Man of the Crowd’ by Edgar Allan Poe" is a delightful example of an article on sociology. The built environment shapes our everyday activity. Whatever we do hinges on the built environment. Individuals use Twitter and Facebook to communicate and convey information of interest. The built environment describes the surroundings created for humans, by humans, and to be utilized for human activities. People use Facebook on a daily to post pictures, connect with friends and even advertise. Each person in the crowd (built environment) does so for a purpose known to himself and appearance and dressing judge fit each particular setting. The article, The Man of the Crowd’ by Edgar Allan Poe illustrates the impacts of the built environment on humans on everyday activities.

The man in the Crowd is amused at D Coffee-House in London. For instance, people are busy using the street heading to their respective places and bothers what others do. People attend the Hotel for entertainment and eating food. People move to build to perform their jobs and clerks are noted in the firms dressed in coats with watches.

Gamblers wore a range of dress to execute their duties. Pickpockets to showcase the dashing appearance and infested cities. Jew peddlers had hawk eyes dressed to showcase abject humility. Street beggars scowled upon mendicant. The Man of the Crowd describes showcase how each and every individual within the crowd (built environment) matches a specific environment based on appearance and dressing. Traders, hawkers, clerks, pickpockets, and gambles are within the built environment and are concerned with daily activities. No one seems concerned with what others do.

Every group in the crowd uses a specific built environment setting to undertake his activity.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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