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02 December 2008 al al advertising is not focused on making a consumer buy the company’s products but is solely concerned in establishing a good image of the business organization in the customer’s mind. An example of this is the advertisement of oil firm Chevron Corporation featuring its corporate social responsibility programs. This advertisement appeals to customers who want to patronize products which are produced by socially responsible business organizations. As consumers are becoming more discriminating, the image of a company is now as important as the price and the quality of the product that it sells.

Pioneering Pioneering advertisements’ objective is to tell the consumers what the product is. An example of this is an advertisement of Coca-Cola introducing its new Coke Zero Plus. Since it is a new product in the market, the company is trying to let the consumers know about the product by describing it. However, it should be noted that the main aim of a pioneering advertisement is to raise and even enhance customer awareness but not compare the product to other products in the market.

Pioneering advertisement serves the need of the customer to be informed about new products which are present in the market. Competitive Competitive advertisement promotes a brands features and benefits to other products which are available in the market. This can be as subtle as simple mentioning that the product is developed with better capabilities and can be as tough as a company directly comparing the performance of a product with a “weaker” competitor. An example of this is the Xerox advertisement featuring the speed of Xerox and another brand and strengthened with the tag line “Xerox color printer exceeds all speed limits. ” These types of advertisements allow customers to know their alternatives as well as assure them of best choices among competing products in the market.

Reminder A reminder advertisement is often used in products and brands which are already familiar in the market. This just serves to keep the product in customers’ mind. An example of this is the McDonald advertisements featuring their current menus. This allows the company to remind the customers of purchasing the product when they go to a McDonald’s stores.

Advertisements like this enable companies to gain customer loyalty.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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