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Business Strategy: In order to make sure that the consultancy business is able to succeed the management should come up with efficient and effective business strategies (Epstein, 2008). Business strategy is important in order to maintain the overall sustainability of the business (McElroy and Engelen, 2012). With the reference to the mining consultancy business, it is important to have proper business strategies in order to make sure that the company is able to establish strong relations with government, mining companies and other important stakeholders (Botin, 2009). Some of the business strategies which will be followed and implemented by this consultancy company are as follow: To reduce the distrust and disobedience from the local communities, the consultancy company will assure them that the company will provide them with job opportunities and safe mining processes.

The company will also ensure the implementation of ISO 14000 and ISO 16000 and will certify only those mining companies that are focused on the environmental management issues, keeping these issues in mind the company will play its role in constant improvement of the environmental performance and will make sure that the mining companies follow these standards effectively. To promote the product of the company, the company will ensure the use of safe and effective certified mining processes that will help in sustainable development and reduction of the environmental pollution.

Along with this the company will keep positive relations with government and will provide effective and efficient consultancy services to the Australian mining industry. For better human resource management the company will set standards keeping the norms and sustainable mining processes in mind and will place importance on the quality of life by training and educating the human resource. The consultancy will also collaborate with other mining companies providing an opportunity to recruit the workforce.

To protect the environment and the local communities, the company will also promote policies that will assist the property owners and take them into guarantee that the future ability to meet the needs of the generations will not be compromised. To increase the shareholder’s investment and the support of the community, the company will be taking step in creating relations with the local government by providing job opportunities and reduction of the unemployment rate. The company will also produce by-products to be used as an alternative energy source and this could be accomplished by collaborating with scientific researchers that will allow reduction in the waste water and increase the benefits of the products.

The company will ensure the use of this clean burning energy source that will not only reduce the greenhouse gas but will enhance the sustainability of the environment (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2010). The reports of the mining companies will be made available to the public and the stakeholder to encourage investments and a building block of trust.

Recommendations: The recommendations for the company that aims to provide the mining industry with best mining consultancy through proper relation with the government are as follows: The company is to make sure that the mining companies are playing their part in improving the situation of the community by providing job opportunities on permanent basis that will reduce the unemployment rate and increase revenues. The company should also attend that the mining companies follow the ISO 14,000 and ISO 16,000 standards actively.

The company can provide the certification to mining companies if they take part in the implementation of sustainable future and economic growth. The company can also help the mining companies to use the waste and polluted water to produce bi-product that could be used by the agricultural industry for crops and plantations. To establish good human resource management, the company should focus on implementing the stakeholder’s theory which will lead to creation and promotion of their products. The company should provide best unbiased advices for each mining and exploration industry on technological basis providing benefits to the members and the stakeholders. Using of technology to enhance the productivity will be the primary focus of this company.

New training programs will allow the mining industries to gain trust of the stakeholders and the local communities. By certifying the mining companies they will be allowed to produce LNG as a by-product of CSG. This certification will help to promote the product and can be exported to different countries to earn profit. The company should also make sure that the mining companies follow the laws and regulations of the government.

This will provide the company with the government support that will reflect the credibility of the company. This consultancy can provide other additional service such as scientific research. Through this service the clients can increase benefits to their products. List of References Botin, J. (2009). Sustainable management of mining operations. USA: SME Economist Intelligence Unit. (2010). Managing for sustainability. Available from http: //graphics. eiu. com/upload/eb/Enel_Managing_for_sustainability_WEB. pdf [Accessed 10 November 2012] Epstein, M. (2008). Making sustainability work: best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts. UK: Greenleaf Publishing Limited McElroy, M., and Engelen, J. (2012).

Corporate sustainability management: the art and science of managing non-financial performance. Oxon, OX: Earthscan

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