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Ergonomics Ergonomics refers to the technical field, which relate to the knowledge of relations between man and other components of a structure, along with the line of work that uses theory, standards, figures and techniques to plan to optimize human comfort along with general system functioning (Squidoo). Carpal tunnel syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome comes about when a peripheral nerve referred to as the median nerve, which extend from the forearm towards the palm, happens to pressed at the arm wrist. The pressure results into a painful swelling, which in turn results into lack of sensation in the hand (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Cubital tunnel syndrome Cubital tunnel condition is brought about by intensified pressure on the ulnar nerve by the elbow.

The ulnar nerve is positioned near the bone hence vulnerable to stress. In an event, the force on the nerve becomes immense to trouble the functionality of the ulnar nerve, then lack of sensation, itchiness, and soreness may be experience in several parts of the hand including the forearm, and the fingers (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Tendonitis Every now and then, the tendons become swollen because of several causes and the stroke of lugging the muscle turn out to be painful.

If the usual even gliding shift of the tendon is damaged, the tendon becomes sore and movements hurt. This condition is referred to as tendonitis, which means the soreness of the sinew (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Pronation In the field of anatomy, pronation denotes the turning movement of the forearm by the radioulnar joint, or on the bottom of the leg at the subtalar and talocalcaneonavicular leg joints. In the anatomical standing body posture, pronation moves the palm of the right forearm counterclockwise and clockwise for the left hand when viewed superiorly (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Supination Supination is the opposite of pronation and refers to the point of either the foot or forearm; in the forearm when the palm is positioned anteriorly, or when the upper limbs are straightened and at the plane of the body.

Supination in the lower limbs is seen when an individual come into view as bow-legged with their mass propped up largely on their anterior of their lower limbs (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Rotation Rotation refers to the circular motion of an entity around a point of rotary motion.

In body movements, rotation can be seen in the movement of the arms or the head. An object with a three-dimensional geometry turns around at all times around a made-believe line called a rotation alignment. If the rotation alignment is contained by an entity, and go through the entity’s center of dimension the entity is said to turn around upon itself. Flexion In the field of anatomy, flexion refers to the position made likely by the joint decreasing twist.

The skeletal and muscular structures of the body, function together, and shift the body joints, to assume flexed positions. For instance, the elbow part of the fore appendages is bent when the hand is gets closer to the shoulder or the body trunk may be bent in the direction of the legs (Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. ). Extension Extension is the opposite term of flexion, which refers to the mechanics of unbending of body parts. Extension increases the slant between the skeleton structures of the appendage at a joint. Abduction It is the opposite of adduction, and refers to the physiological body movement which transports a component of the body framework away from the sagittal plane of the human body Adduction Adduction refers to the physiological body movement, which conveys a component of the body framework nearer to the central sagittal level surface of the human body Standard measurements using a computer workstation a.

Height of seat= flexible to fit the user’s needs b. Distance from eyes to monitor-500-750mm depending on the size of the monitor and font magnification.

c. Height of monitor- conformist ergonomics rules propose lining up the top of the computer monitor to where the user looks at directly on. Approximately 24 to 30 inches d. Angle of sight to monitor from seated position 30 degrees e. Distance to keyboard- adjustable to user convenience but may range from 8 inches to 20 inches. f. Length of users arm from elbow to fingertips 440-510mm, but dependent on gender g. Length of users legs- knee to floor and hip to floor 635-760mm (Porter and Chhibber) Part I Fault Tree Analysis of Grain elevator explosion in Kansas Or And Or or or Or Or And (Associated Newspapers) Part II. Job Safety Analysis is a management instrument in which acknowledges occupational hazards.

Job Safety Analysis is a course of action that evaluates tasks with the aim of shrinking the hazard to guard workers from harm or sickness. Job Safety Analysis processes involve the recognition of hazards, the evaluation of the outcomes, and the management of the hazard to prevent or reduce the risk involved in a task. Job Safety Analysis of a paint job Step Risk Control Prepare the surface by cleaning it with a brush Hand arm tremor syndrome Put on thick gloves and do not use tools, which vibrate for more than twenty minutes continuously. Paint dust probably contain heavy metal such as lead Put on a P3 organic vapor cover when handling aged paint.

Thoroughly wash your hands prior to smoking or eating. Sliding tripping and falling Direct all cables prudently to keep paths and staircases free of peril. Sunburn Put on SPF 40+ sunscreen and other protective liquids. Work cited Associated Newspapers. "Six confirmed dead in Kansas grain factory blast as the bodies of the three missing workers are found. ” The Daily Mail 31 October 2011: Online. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety.

“Job Safety Analysis. ” 2008. Web. 3 November 2011. Porter, Samantha, and Shayal Chhibber. “Work space. ” n. d. Web 3 November 2011. Squidoo. “Ergonomics for All. ” 2011. Web. 3 November 2011. Workrite Ergonomics Inc. “Grossary”. 2011. Web. 3 November 2011.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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