Essays on Overseas Export Markets for Dell Corporation Case Study

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The paper 'Overseas Export Markets for Dell Corporation " is a good example of a marketing case study. Dell Corporation is one of the leading companies that offer and distribute computers in the world today. One major strength that it uses to compete with its competitors is to deliver its model directly without following the chain of a middleman. Therefore one can order a laptop directly from the company. In trying to reach out to the overseas market, Dell has identified East Africa as a good trading zone after South Africa.

In this region, Kenya has stood out to be a good place to root itself because of it well established and liberal trading terms that encourage foreign investments. Kenya also has a good trade infrastructure and its position in relation to other landlocked countries like Uganda gives it more advantages. An opportunity that presents itself to Dell is that most of its customers are becoming more literate and aware of the kind of products it offers. It is also worth considering that Kenya has to meet a level of being a computerized society and therefore this offers a chance for a big market.

It is with such profound opportunities that Dell needs to observe entry strategies in this market to enable it to stay long in it. An in-depth market analysis that puts Kenya first as well as its continued search for the international market in the saturated market zones will bear fruits if Dell looks into its entry strategies in the East African market. The introduction of new technology in the world today has brought about changes in the world of business as well.

Dell Company is an example of a company that has been influenced by the invention of computers. The company has been influenced to the extent that it is currently one of the top companies offering computers and computer services in the whole world. It has always operated under the export regulations set up by the United States Bureau of Industry and Security. With this approach, it mainly specializes in its Direct Model which provides a very fast, cost-effective and customer-friendly way of distribution and which has contributed most to the success of the company.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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