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Ideal Marketing Plan for a Football Team Introduction This strategy is purely based on the understanding that for any team to reach the top position of the league, it is highly necessary to combine marketing strategy with the goals of the team. The three essential factors to be achieved for this purpose are total mental preparation of the players, satisfaction of team officials and sponsors and most importantly, support of public. So, this strategy will focus on the following things in particular: 1. Ways to raise revenue 2. Ways to promote publicity 3.

Mental and physical preparation of players 4. Strict financial policy that satisfies both players and the sponsors Methods to raise revenue This step is purely aimed at increasing revenue and has nothing to do with the performance of the team. This step includes spicing up the team, looking for better sponsors using the popularity of players, advertising contracts and promotional tours. 1) Inclusion of popular players in the team It is an admitted fact that the popularity of players can be directly converted into cash. As it is clearly visible, only about a quarter of a football teams revenue comes from associates.

The remaining comes from selling televising rights, advertising and promotional tours. From the above, the importance of having popular players in the team is clear. So, getting popular players into the team is the first step of this promotional strategy. 2) Looking for better sponsors Sponsors are always interested in teams with popularity and the popularity of a team is more about the publicity of players than about the total performance of the team. So, once the team manages to add some stars, it is time to look for enterprises or individuals who wish to spend money.

3) Advertising Contracts and broadcasting and re-broadcasting rights The next tactic at this stage is to have advertisement contracts with good and big companies. This certainly with add a lot to the coffers of the team and is sure to satisfy the sponsors. In addition, depending on the popularity, the team should look into selling broadcasting and re-broadcasting rights too. 4) Promotional tours The next important thing is to make sure that the team has a busy schedule and that some promotional tours.

This not only helps the team in raising funds, in addition, playing against good teams provides better training to the players of the team. Ways to raise publicity Publicity and ground support are two essential things for any team without which it is impossible for teams to survive in league championship. The first thing to make sure that the team is popular with adequate number of admirers is to have popular players that we have already done as a part of the first strategy.

The things to be done at this stage involve public interaction events for the players, promotional gadgets and advertisement through popular media. 1) Public interaction events These fan fests can be conducted often to allow the public to meet the players. Such events will help in mouth-to-mouth publicity that costs the team nothing in addition. As a part of this strategy, students from different educational institutions and other individuals can be given chances to meet players and to travel with them to a distant place on promotional tours through lucky draw.

2) Promotional gadgets The team management can launch gadgets including pen and t-shirt with the team’s name and logo. These gadgets can be distributed in public places especially in educational institutions. This certainly helps raise publicity and ensures teams presence in the public mind. 3) Advertisement through popular media It is highly necessary to ensure that the team ensures its presence in the popular media including radio and television. The Marketing Department of the team should work with television channels and radio to present programs that will raise public excitement about the team. Mental and physical preparation of the players It is an undisputed fact that the performance of the team is almost totally dependent on the mental and physical preparation of the players.

Taking this factor into consideration, this strategy introduces a pay system based on performance, regular practice, frequent matches with good teams, making a competition model before every match, special training for talented young players and confidence building measures. 1) Pay system based on performance According to this new system, each player will be getting 70 percent as consolidated payment and the remaining 30 percent will be variable depending on the performance of each player.

This system gives the management a better control over the players. In addition, each player will have a feeling that they are being paid for what they are doing, removing any lethargic attitude in them. In addition, this will ensure the sponsors that they are not wasting money unnecessarily. 2) Regular practice and assessment meetings after each match The team is supposed to have ground practice every morning. In addition, after every match, the expert committee including the coach is supposed to analyze the performance of each player and find out the things need to be improved.

In the following practice sessions, the issues should be discussed with the players and solved. 3) Frequent matches with good teams The team is supposed to play matches very often with good teams that will show the rate of success of the policies implemented and the areas that need further improvement. 4) Making a competition model In addition, before each match, the performance of the opponents in the past should be thoroughly assessed and depending on that, a well-defined strategy should be developed that is sufficient to win the match taking into consideration the weak points of the opposite team and the strengths of our team.

5) Special training for talented young players If necessary, the team can think about giving special training to players who show talent by sending them to experts. This will certainly raise the quality of the team. Strict financial policy that satisfies both players and sponsors The team is supposed to be strict in spending in money. First of all, the team should not spend more than half of its total revenue on hiring players.

In addition, the marketing committee of the team should decide on the amount to be spent on publicity. By following these guidelines, the team is sure to enter the champion league stage.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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