Essays on Identification and Evaluation of Marketing Opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins Case Study

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The paper “ Identification and Evaluation of Marketing Opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins” is a  potent version of the case study on marketing. Hidden Valley Cabins is a family-owned eco-tourism resort business located on the Paluma Range North West of Townsville, Queensland Australia. The business is owned by Ian McLennan. Hidden Valley Cabins is a carbon-neutral accommodation and tour company. The company does not have access to the main power grid and initially relied on a generator to power the company. However, the company became interested in being carbon neutral and hence it had to face out the use of the generator (Tourism Queensland, 2010).

As a result, the firm has managed to face the use of the generator and now relies on solar energy a hundred percent. Even though buying solar panels was initially expensive, it has helped the firm save a lot of money in the long run. Thus the business is run entirely on solar energy and the firm is able to purchase carbon credits to offset other operational activities of the company. The company has been in operation for twenty-two years.

The location of the firm is less humid and is much cooler and thus air conditioning at the firm is unnecessary. The cabins are constructed from locally grown timbers and windows are products of recycled older homes in Townsville. The firm is run and managed by Ian, Bonnie, son Ross and his business partner Chelsea. Ross was instrumental in the adoption of solar energy Purpose of the reportThis report aims at identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins. First, the situational analysis of the firm is discussed (Hidden Valley Cabins, 2010).

This is followed by the identification of marketing opportunities for the firm. The financial viability of the opportunities is then outlined followed by the ranking of the opportunities in the order of the likelihood of their exploitation. Changes that should be implemented at the firm and how quality services are to be maintained are then proposed (Tourism Queensland, 2010). Estimation for implementing the changes and communication to stakeholders is then discussed followed by the outline of the findings. Finally, the conclusion of the report is madeSituational analysisMarket backgroundThere are several competitions of Hidden Valley Cabins.

One of such competitor is Adventures Resort that is centrally located backpackers that overlooks Ross Creek and has air-conditioned luxury (Hidden Valley Cabins, 2010). Another competitor is Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge located a few kilometers from the Gorge entrance that is accessible by conventional vehicles. City Oasis Inn is another competitor which is a multi-award-winning resort that is located in Townsville city center. The inn is renowned for its genuine warmth and hospitality. Hidden Valley Cabins' other competitor is Civic Guest House that is located in Townsville CBD and is a popular spot for backpackers and travelers.

Cook Street Holidays has some of the best restaurants and boutique cafes located at 51 Cook Street, Townsville and is one of the Hidden Valley Cabin competitions (Tourism Queensland, 2010). Other competitors include Dalrymple Tourist Van park, Foreign Exchange Townsville, Globetrotters Backpackers Hostel Townsville, Mercure Townsville, Noorla Heritage Resort, Orchid Guest House, Reef Lodge Backpackers, seagulls Resort, Spanish Lace Motor Inn, Waters Edge resort On The Strand, Yongala Express and Yongala Historic Lodge which provide accommodation facilities for travelers and backpackers.

Of the competitors, Hidden Valley Cabin stands out as the only solar-powered resort in Townsville. It offers self-contained accommodation facilities that are fully licensed, restaurant, and swimming pool and BBQ area. In addition, the firm offers tours for eco-friendly travelers (Tourism Queensland, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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