Essays on Unique Value Proposition Related to the Interaction between People and Technology Coursework

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The paper "Unique Value Proposition Related to the Interaction between People and Technology" is a great example of marketing coursework.   The survey of the market over the past century or so reveals the fact that there have been experienced a number of changes in the setting up of the market and the various market forces have evolved and changed in accordance to the various needs, demands and requirements of the individual. The most important change that was experienced was the coming of the industrial revolution, which led to a higher level of production.

This, in turn, led to the complete change in the market system, and with time there was experienced a break down of the local barriers and there has today emerged a strong market economy. Due to the emergence of the global market forces, the competition that is faced by most of the production houses has increased manifolds and the various organizations are today looking for innovative methods to ensure that there can be ensured creation and sustenance of demand for their products in the international market. Most of the companies are today trying to evolve new and more effective strategic policies so that the products that they are producing can secure a wider consumer base.

Thus, marketing of the product as well as of the organization has emerged as a highly important function in the strategic management of all organizations. There has been realised that it is only through the management of the resources that an efficient method of production and supply can be established, and most of the companies today are looking at ensuring that this follows the value chain analysis, where each step looks at ensuring that there is some value that is added to the product and through strategic management of the resources this can be achieved in an economic and efficient manner. The changes that have taken place in society today, have led to the emergence of a highly developed society based on technological advancements.

There has been observed that these new developments can be adopted by the people and the government to ensure that the various needs and demands of the people can be met in a more economic manner.

In the following paper, there shall be developed a detailed program, which would look at a specific problem that is faced by the society and then based on the technological developments and use of people participation, a more evolved solution will be evolved, which would include the interest of the government as well as of the industry. The solution shall aim at ensuring that the problem is dealt with in the most effective manner while upholding the interest of the stockholders.   Value Chain Analysis: The concept of value chain analysis was first made popular by Michael Porter in the year of 1985.

It is a concept which was developed in direct relation to the business management and sought to ensure that the production system that was adopted was effective and made use of all the disposable resources to their optimum level. The method can be applied at the global level according to Porter who believed that the wide field of synchronised interactions that is undertaken by the industry creates an extended value chain (Porter M E 1996).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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