Essays on Value Proposition: Mobile Phone Advertisement Coursework

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The paper "Value Proposition: Mobile Phone Advertisement" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   In the world of business, there has been affluence of collaborations between organizations in order to perk up their business images and improve customer confidence. This is true whenever two companies or institutions come together with a sole purpose of either benefiting the community or making again at the end and when the two companies make a come together to sponsor other community events. In all these, there is the sole purpose of their own gains by these sponsoring organizations.

There are also other factors that all amount to institutional gains at the end of the collaborative exercise. According to, Lewis, 1990, there are numerous aspects that make it possible for organizations to come together in a collaborative sense and mostly this happens when such companies or institutions want to increase their share of the market, to maximize asset utilization, make reductions in the cost of productions, make quick access into the otherwise would be hard markets, reduce and make cost-sharing an obligation and also to minimize the times used in the production of various products within these institutions.

However, these are not exhaustive factors that determine the collaborations between certain companies or organizations. According to parker there also other very important factors that highly influence the collaborations. Most of these factors arise when companies or institutions want to make reductions in their risk failures, increases product qualities, achieve economies of scale in production, make the reduction of inventories and make technological gains (Parker, 1990p. 65). But before any value propositions are made, there are several factors that should undergo consideration before the last project is implemented.

Among the factors are strategic alliances which ensure that there is a commitment to price and relationship. There is also the consideration of the inventories to be put into the exercise whereby there is a discouragement of putting too much inventory into the project simply because too much inventory is a bad investment. This is because inventory ought to make some returns into the business and not just as a stock of the business. Inventory is sometimes synonymous with finished products for a company ready to make some revenues.

There is also the consideration of the costs involved in the business and the benefits that would accrue from such investments or adventure simply because there is no single organization or institution that would like to make unprofitable ventures. Proposition overview. There is a need to develop a platform to widen the advertisement arena for various companies. This can only be solved through a unique development of an arena in the mobile phone service industry. Since many customers of the mobile phone service industry love entertainment during boredom and most mobile phone service companies do not provide a source of entertainment for their customers this would be the best opportunity to raise advertisements.

In this sense, there arises the need to come up with a remote game that that can be played once one subscribes; which is a one-time activity. This game consists of company names and some different images such that upon subscription, the consumer can decide which company to choose and use as a character just like there are character choices in other games.

But before the choice is fully approved, the consumer (player) should be able to answer a few questions regarding the company that he/she has chosen as the character in the game. In this way, companies would advertise themselves in a modest way.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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