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The paper "Business Innovations" is an amazing example of Business coursework. This work deals with the issues relating to E-Business and adopting its innovative reforms in college businesses. In this regard, a traditional college business model has been compared with a college maintaining an E-learning business. Moreover, E-Business tools and their application to businesses have been examined.   Some of the innovative strategies of E-Business, about the college, have been analyzed. A most advantageous and innovative reform has been identified and recommendations for its adoption by the traditional college have been provided.       Electronic business entails the use of technology to develop business processes.

It addresses several areas, such as managing human resources, administrative and financial systems, and other internal processes. Moreover, it deals with customer relationships, the supply of services and goods, marketing and sales, and other external processes. Although, the manner of managing business associations has remained the same, how they are referred to, whilst employing E-Business tools has transformed. Thus, we have the following; business to business (B2B); business to consumer or eCommerce (B2C); government to consumer (G2C); and government to business (G2B)  (Northern Territory Government Department of Business, 2013). E-Business is a wide-ranging concept that describes arrangements, wherein organizations have altered their business processes, services, and structures, to benefit from Internet capabilities.

Some of the aspects that are central to E-Business are; first, it utilizes electronic gadgets for communicating and processing data to a much greater extent. Second, it promotes enhanced integration of hardware devices and databases, primarily due to the open protocols that administer data transfer between systems. Third, makes it possible for users to engage with services and systems in an interactive manner  (Jackson & Eckersley, 2003, p.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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