Essays on Demographic Trends that Affect Current and Future Public Library Service in Western Australia Case Study

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The paper "Demographic Trends that Affect Current and Future Public Library Service in Western Australia" is a perfect example of a micro and macroeconomic case study. The broad changes in the cultural and linguistic fabric of the targeted populations in Western Australia will affect the approaches to the development of library collections in addition to the provision of inclusive community-wide services (State Library of Western Australia 2014). As indicated by the 2011 Australian Census, the population of Western Australia is the most diverse of the Australian states and territories.

The rapid growth in size and diversity also means that the state has an increased number of people from different cultures from across the globe (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014; 2014b). For instance, some 31 percent of the resident population in Western Australia consists of individuals born overseas (Maginn 2012). Data from the 2011 Census also indicates that Western Australia has a population consisting of people from some 190. Of these countries, most of these individuals come from the Middle East, South-East Asia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Africa (Government of Western Australia 2013). Therefore, the libraries would have to place emphasis on the digitization of library materials, e-learning, and application of modern technologies to serve the diverse user needs (ALA 2012).

This may include users who cannot make it to the libraries because of cultural values, such as Muslim women. The libraries will also need to secure eBooks with specialized knowledge and understanding of the traditions, history, values, as well as artistic expressions of diverse communities (SLWA 2014). The libraries will also need to come up with programs and services that are inclusive of the needs of various communities using the library (ALA 2014).

The libraries will also need to create programs and services, which are reflective of the cultural heritage, cultural backgrounds, as well as social identities of the targeted populations (Razilan et al 2013).


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