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The paper "Digital Marketing in Google Company  " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Globally, companies reach their desired target groups through different forms of marketing. Initially, print media, radio broadcast and push marketing ere the most common marketing methods applied by companies in making their products and services known to the public. However, with the advancements in information and technology and the emergence of the internet era, several changes have occurred in the marketing field including the introduction of digital marketing (Day 2011). Today, digital marketing is the most commonly used method of reaching consumers since it is faster.

Moreover, the common application of digital marketing in many organizations is based on the fact that many people across the globe have access to digital devices. The Issues One of the issues facing digital marketing in Google Company is the digital revolution. Globally, the digital revolution is threatening the existing business models in companies. Business models allow companies to create the value of their products to consumers while capturing economic profits in the process. The development in the information and communication field keeps changing over time as new ways of doing things on the online platform are discovered.

The result is that organizations have to alter their business models to be in line with the developing technologies in the digital world. The changes in the business models in the organization have profound effects on the value appropriation and the underlying strategies such as customer efficiency. Secondly, digital marketing in Google Company is greatly affected by the lack of efficient customer insights. One of the most important challenges in digital marketing in several companies is the ability to create and influence very deep customer insights.

The increased digitization of the world has resulted in the existence of large amounts of data in several companies. However, these large chunks of data cannot be managed using the hand database management tools such as Oracle due to its complexity. The challenges of the use of such platforms lie in the capture, storage, search and visualization of the data. The existence of big data enables companies to track their customers during the customer journey to find relevant information that can be used in influencing their insight.

Other issues in online marketing in the company are poor online customer targeting and Why this is important The digital revolution has resulted in several drawbacks in the online marketing procedures in Google Company over the years. The changes have occurred from the period of the emergence of the internet to mobile devices, causing the company to change its business concepts to match the changes occurring in the digital world. The shift to a digital device, for instance, is one of the greatest challenges that the company has had to deal within the last couple of years.

The increased use of mobile devices has resulted in a reduction in the payments used for advertisements, making it difficult for the company to reach some of its serious customers. The change also prompted the company to change its model from desktop use to the use of mobile devices. Such changes threaten the position of the company in the global arena.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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