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The paper “ Organisational Factors Influencing Innovation Process in Abu Dhabi Public Sector” is a breathtaking example of the research paper on management. Clearly, the public sector is a fundamentally crucial part of every economically developed economy, but the repercussions attributed to the 2008 global economic crisis put enormous pressure on the public sector. For that reason, academics together with practitioners have called for more entrepreneurial and innovation behavior in the public sector. The current knowledge of the sources of innovation in the Abu Dhabi public sector is not sufficient.

The objective of this study is to learn more regarding the organizational factors that influence the innovation process in the Abu Dhabi public sector. Basically, the innovation process in the public sector is considered to be an important reform, and it is crucial for improving the quality as well as productivity of public services. In Abu Dhabi, these services have become more crucial. Owing to the procedural nature of tasks in the Abu Dhabi public sector, the innovation process has turned out to be crucial for government organizations. There is no adequate research on organizational factors that influence innovation, especially in Abu Dhabi considering that organizational barriers, workforce skills, as well as decision-making strategies have been cited as the main factors that influence public sector innovation.

There is a need for research efforts to formulate strategies and policies for successful governance and for evaluating as well as monitoring the effect of organizational factors on public sector innovation. In the public sector, innovations are important for managing governmental issues such as security, health, climate change. The study espoused a qualitative research method to gather data in the Abu Dhabi public sector.

It was observed that the innovative public sector is crucial for improving the quality and productivity of public services, which in Abu Dhabi have become more important. The main reason for innovation in Abu Dhabi as evidenced by the study results was to improve public service accessibility and to reduce costs.


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