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Identify your all-time favorite brand Introduction Coke is a soft drink beverage product from coca-cola company. It comes in a wide form of variety which suits various consumers. Under this topic, an insight examination of some of the advantages of coke brand from the coca cola company will be focused on. I shall also give an opinion on the strength of the brand, the image that I have in my mind and how the company reinforces this image through using marketing activities. Advantages of the coke brand. My all time favorite brand is coke from Coca-Cola Company.

The things that I like about the brand include active healthy living, energy efficiency and climate protection and sustainable packaging. Under active healthy living, the product shows meaningful and understandable information about the product (Watters 89). Coke has a striking cooling effect to its users. It has also a basic nutritional data and energy information. The strategies by the Coca-Cola company on using recyclable materials like bottles and cans makes it a desirable product that I do like. It endears my inclination to be identified with it (Watters 95).

My Rating of the coke brand My rating of the brand name is that, it is very strong and very successful. Due to its uniqueness in taste, it makes it the favorite soft drink product among its competitors. Its brand name is widely recognized, used by many people all over the world, and due to its presence in many countries it makes it a very strong brand in the world. My Image of the brand The image I have about coke is that it is one of the enticing beverage and one of the most widely used beverage in the world.

It portrays an image of quality and most reliable product that everyone like being identified with. The image has been reinforced by the company using different marketing strategies. Marketing activities Innovation is one of the marketing activities that the brand has employed. It has a variety of the same product, hence, making the product available for people to make a choice from a pool of variety, thus being embraced by many people in the world (Watters 102).

Another strategy that the company has used is by making the product enticing. The product focuses on the ingredients and the packaging which makes it attractive to many people, thus, enabling it to be the number one beverage in the world (114). In addition, it engages it’s self in activities that foster sustainable communities through economic development philanthropy and the creation of economic and social opportunities. Through these activities, they do market themselves and on the process they do rich a wide range of people, hence making it the most widely used soft drink beverage product in the world (116). Another marketing strategy that makes coke a widely accepted and the most used soft drink beverage product is that the price is relatively cheap (117).

Due to its cheap price, it’s widely accepted and consumed by many people in the world. Conclusion Coke brand is one of the most widely used soft drink beverage in the world. It has an advantage over other soft drinks because of its sustainable packaging, active healthy living standards, and energy efficient and climate protection strategies.

The brand is very strong and very successful in the market due to its packaging, and its uniqueness in taste. Finally the image I have about the brand is that, it is the most widely used product in the world. This has been fostered by the marketing strategies the company has employed. Some of the strategies include; enticing packaging, having relatively low prices and being available in most parts of the world. Works cited: Watters, Paul. Coca-Cola: an illustrated history. Atlanta. Doubleday, 1978. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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