Essays on How Individuals Can Better Improve Their Writing Skills Essay

The paper "How Individuals Can Better Improve Their Writing Skills" is a great example of an essay on humanitarian. The purpose of this paper is to identify what steps would a prudent goes through in order to improve his or her writing skills. What this paper will try to accomplish is to provide some different methods that can be adopted by people who wish to improve their writing skills as espoused by the academic community.
As with many different disciplines, there are three schools of thought in regards to gaining expertise in a given field. As will be highlighted in this paper the merits of direct education as a means of improving one's writing skills will be discussed. Furthermore, a discussion of the strengths of simply practicing as a means of improving one's writing skills will be covered.
According to Kanelas et al (1998), it was proposed that performance problems in writing may not be directly related to any competencies such as the understanding of individuals, rather it is the case that individuals simply lack skills or the desire to improve skills. As such one could propose the argument that in order for a prudent writer to improve his or her writing skills would be through would be to be gain knowledge on various writing techniques. This action could theoretically be achieved through self-directed study or classroom instruction.
According to Joseph (1998), it is through a process of frequent writing and rewriting with continual feedback that helps individuals improve their skills. As the old Latin adage suggests, discere faciendo or ‘To learn by doing’ is the best method for somebody to improve their writing skills. One could argue that through the constant process of writing and receiving feedback from one’s contemporaries, it would be the case that an individual would hone their skills as an effective writer and as such learn the skills that best suit their needs.
In conclusion, it may be the case that there is no simple solution as to how an individual can better improve their writing skills, and it may be the case that it is through a combination of both practice and education that would best improve the chances of improving an individual’s writing skills.

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