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The paper "Managing a Global Workforce" is a wonderful example of a report on human resources.   According to Peter Dowling (2008), human resource management include those practices valued and strategized by the organization for effective management of its human resource. Such activities and practices include employee recruitment, staffing, planning, compensation, and labor relations. Business globalization has brought on board quite some significant impacts on human resource management among organizations. Despite the numerous large-scale regional integrations that resulted in economic regions such as the European Union, NAFTA, EAC, ECOWAS, and Commonwealth, human resource management across borders differ sharply and can at times be a difficult act for Human Resource Professional with limited knowledge of a cross-border customs to practice effectively.   It is also difficult to manage individuals with diverse backgrounds and cultural norms in an international organization (Dowling, P.

et al. , 2008). It is not possible to find out that human resource management practices in one country would more similar to human resource management practices in another country. However, it is common to find some similarities in the human resource function in more than one country.

The difference in human resource practices from country to country results from cultural differences the human resource functions. These multi-nationals differences in human resource management lead to issues such as international taxation, international business relocation, recruitment and management of expatriates, and government relations.   According to (Sheehan, et al. , 2010), most countries reimburse taxes for expatriates because they are subject to international tax. Furthermore, they have domestic tax liabilities. With this in mind, it is therefore incumbent for any international organization to provide tax equalization among its employees.   Failure to that, most organizations would lose much of its incentives and motivation set for overseas activities. We take into consideration a case study of Royal Dutch Shell plc in relation to its international human resource management to gain a better insight of issues facing organizations in international human resource management (Dowling, P.

et al. , 2008).


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