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The paper "The Worldwide Development Plan for IKEA" is a perfect example of a management case study.   To promote the worldwide development plan for IKEA, we were appointed as a project team to renovate the Beijing SYQ store and office with a square foot of 12916669 and 120,000 square meters. The main objectives of the project are to ensure that there is a relaxed environment for the clients as well as the staff by using the enhanced technologies. The project is therefore estimated to take 21 months with an estimated cost of $5,350,000. B.

Project Background The project team making consideration of renovating the whole store and office will cause minimal interruption in business operations. The property is in bad shape and requires some renovation. This is caused by poor management of the building in the past leading to a decline in the reputation of the store (Dick Billows, 2008). d. Project stakeholders The stakeholders in the project are the IKEA Company and the Beijing stores because; they are concerned with the project success. IKEA is concerned with the project since; the company will increase its development across the globe. 2.

Project Scope Project objective The project objectives involve the three aims which are; Reinstatement and reconstruction of the Beijing store estimates to cost $5,350,000 for a period of 21 months Operationalization of new stores structure approximated to be completed in phases and re-evaluated in phase tow subsequently. Re-opening and rehabilitation approximated to take 6 months after re-opening of the Beijing store. Subsequent to re-opening, it is estimated that the project will take 12 months before the store considered to be fully operational, After which is fully operational, the project will be closed (Dick Billows, 2008). Project deliverables Wholly constructed store – approved by the construction manager Recommendations for the future of store maintenance Productivity 12 months post-re-opening. At least 65% tenancy rate in the first 12 months 91% guest contentment Endorsement to continued accomplishment – continual staff training, continual property maintained Accomplishment will be established by bill Young (Beijing liaison staff) and he will consider as a success or not. Milestones The following is the high-level milestone plan: Phase 1 Entails the renovation as well as an extension of existing Beijing stores.

The objectives are to grow the current size in terms of rooms and numbers and facilities and bring up the store to fully operations which are estimated to take 8 months. Phase 2 Execution of the latest organization structure which will be inclusive of the appropriate safety exist path and possible recommendation of the best management reorganization structure in order to improve the productivity of the stores.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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