Essays on Human Resource Planning Processes in Armidale Hospital, Qantas Airlines, University of New England Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resource Planning Processes in Armidale Hospital, Qantas Airlines, University of New England” is an outstanding example of the case study on   human resources. The health  care system in Armidale hospital is of key importance in improving the overall health of patients. Human resource management is essential to any health care system. We have overcome problems through proper implementation of human resources planning processes. A deeper understanding has been created over the role of those processes. High quality of health care is needed hence management of human resources is desirable (Kirby, Paul 2008, P. 15). Ibarra and Herminia (2003, P. 76) stated that new policies are developed to achieve better health care in all the departments in a healthcare institution.

Attention is always focussed on the human resources planning process in any organization. This is because investment decisions in Armidale hospital are generally irreversible. When it comes to health, human resources are clinical and non-clinical staff, taking care of health intervention. For all those individuals to work properly they all need knowledge, skills, and motivation. For the system to succeed there ought to be a well-planned working environment between the health promoters and caregivers (Zurn 2004).

Hence handling of the human capital is done differently with that of physical capital. There exists a relationship between human resources and health care which has always been put to consideration. The cost of treatment in Armidale hospital has increased. This is led by the increase of the number and cost of health care products. McNamara and Carter (2005) suggested that human resource planning processes are maintained to allow for a balanced workforce and for all of them to work effectively.

The ability to hire is sometimes affected because of the funding system of the hospital. The processes allow equal distribution of health care workforce. In Armidale hospital the variation of size, of its working practitioners is of great concern. This is because we always check delivery and intervention measures using these indicators.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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