Essays on Advertising of Car Insurance Product at AAMI Insurance Company Assignment

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The paper "Advertising of Car Insurance Product at AAMI Insurance Company" is a perfect example of an assignment on marketing.   AAMI insurance wants to reach out to young customers using the car insurance product. Applying is unique selling points will assist the company to captivate consumers more as compared to competitors in the industry. This report discusses the need for unique selling points and how the marketing campaign has to be handled in order to drive the correct message to the target audience. Recommendations are given on positioning, campaign message, budgeting, and timing of the advertising campaign.

The choice of the right advertising media is very important. AAMI Insurance USPs Unique Selling Points (USPs) are important to the survival of any business and enhance competitiveness. Unique Selling Points provide an advantage to the business over other competitors in the market selling the same product. Unique selling points could be intangible or tangible. Sophisticated machines that cannot be afforded by other competitors or unique practices that cannot be copied by other companies form part of unique selling points that set the company apart from its competitors in the same industry.

Unique selling points make the business stand out as compared to its competitors in the same industry. The Unique Selling Points have to be tailored towards meeting the needs of the consumers in the most appropriate way (Clow & Baack, 2007). A company has to have a distinguishing characteristic that identifies its product in the market. Such characteristics would include reliability, efficiency, affordability, high quality, and user-friendly. Being a large insurance firm, AAMI Insurance has advantages that can be translated into unique selling points as compared to the competitors.

Every advertising campaign has to target a particular clientele. The advertisement has to utilize these unique selling points towards reaching out to target customers. AAMI Insurance has a large customer base consisting of above 2.5 million policyholders in all types of insurance. This assortment of insurance is one advantage to the company since it can provide variety through a range of products. Differentiation can be used as a unique selling point since a customer is assured of getting what he wants at AAMI Insurance. USPs will determine the manner in which a business positions itself in the market.

A company cannot purport to present what is not able to deliver to the customer (Gregory, 2010). Therefore, AAMI Insurance has to understand its customers and offer products that will satisfy the needs of the customers. It is crucial to point out what makes a business different from others in the same industry. The fact that AAMI won the insurer of the year award in the 2011/2012 period makes it a unique selling point since they can market themselves as best providers of insurance service.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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