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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communication Decisions and Issues Portfolio" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay.   Establishment and focus on objectives in communication and businesses is important in the push for ICM as it is advantageous for making sure that the business firm sticks to the objectives and provides a good linkage in the business. Furthermore, it helps in the regulation of decisions and provides an appropriate plan and layout that guides the implementation process (Watson, 2012). IMC Topic The major persuasive components that organizations and businesses, in general, can use to link with their consumers are corporate social communication and marketing.

The passage of knowledge and ideas in such circumstances needs to incorporate the dynamic and wide variety of communication and tools for promotion in order to deliver the message on a worldwide basis (Watson, 2012). Analytical Observations In societies that have tired in communication, customers and consumers create practices and routines that tend to avoid communication. For instance, they evade advertisements and other business information. The end result of this is the incapability of commercial message disseminators to reach out to the targeted audience.

In addition, the consumers tend to lose interest in the goods being advertised by one organization and shift to that which they consider good but from a different organization (Ilona, 2012). Implications for the Firm The SVA encourages competitive markets and the explosion of products as there is an increased entry of new competitors on the marketplace that offer competitive advertising of their products. Implicatively, the lifetime of a product on the market declines therefore earning the firm fewer returns from the sale of the product (Reinold, & Joerg, 2012). Additionally, consumers may develop less belief in advertised goods.

Finally, there is an increase in the focus and spending on MPR. Conclusion The corporate social responsibility approach objectives have received a lot of negative remarks that have stimulated a path to a much better approach that will ensure the social responsibility of organizations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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