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1.0 Determining the Role of IMC tools IntroductionIntegrated Management Communication is the businesses deliver messages to their customers so as to let them know about the businesses services and goods. It is the process that enables the companies to plan, execute and monitor their advertisements and informative messages that promote customers relations. Apart from advertisement IMC uses tools such as sales promotion, actual selling, trade fairs, public relations, direct selling among others. The IMC tools are aimed promoting brand names and products of the product. Each of the IMC tools has its advantages and disadvantages and each tool has its purpose and the situation which it can be appropriately used (Fraser, Merrilees, and Wright, 2007).

Therefore, it is important to the companies and their marketing teams to analyze the tools and decide which one suits their purposes and goals fully. The tools serve different purposes for example; advertising is used in cases where the company wants to create awareness among its customers about their products. It is mainly used when introducing new products and new brands. Internet marketing and direct selling are most suitable to companies that deal directly with their target customers.

Sales promotion suits businesses that want to increase sales of an already existing product. Personal selling suits businesses that aim at delivering specific messages to their specific customers. 1.1 Table of ArticlesArticle Source 3 ways to make your brand memorable on social mediahttp: //www. entrepreneur. com/article/225844Integrated Management Communication- 5 primary communication toolshttp: //ezinearticles. com/? Integrated-Marketing-Communications---5-Primary-Communication-Tools& id=2177059Advertisement has never been less trusted than nowhttp: //articles. economictimes. indiatimes. com/2013-04-05/news/38306880_1_nitin-paranjpe-advertising-industry-women-consumersPendulum swings from advertisement to promotionshttp: //www. inma. org/blogs/ideas/post. cfm/the-pendulum-swings-from-advertising-to-promotionsWhat are sales promotions? http: // promotion strategieshttp: //ezinearticles. com/? Sales-Promotion-Strategies& id=3959138http: //www. prsa. org/Intelligence/PRJournal/Documents/2013WirtzNgondo. pdfUse of social media for U. S. most admired fortune companiesWebsite strategies of U. S.

public relations agencies http: //www. prsa. org/Intelligence/PRJournal/Documents/2013DiStasoMcCorkindale. pdf Personal selling http: //www. scribd. com/doc/43465653/Personal-Selling-ArticleAdvantages and disadvantages of personal sellinghttp: //plentysystems. com. au/resources/articles/170-personal-selling1.2 Article ReviewArticle 1: 3 ways to make your brand memorable on social mediaThe article talks about the ways one can use the social media to reach most of the people and to make them spread the news to other people. The article explains three ways in which one can make people to remember their brands in social media. The article talks about businesses doing online marketing, to always do something worth remembering by people because it helps create a relationship between the brand and the customers.

The article also talks about the social media method the companies can use to engage their customers and to make them part of the company. These methods include Facebook where the companies have a fan page where they communicate with their customers. This creates awareness even to the friends of the customers who end up becoming the customers of the company due to influence from their friends. Another method is Tweeter accounts where the companies get feedback from the customers on how to improve their services.

There are companies which are going to an extent of offering free products and services to their Facebook and Tweeter fan; for example, Bow Wow offers free meals to Facebook fan on every Wednesday so as to maintain a close relationship with the customers. Article 2: Integrated Management Communication- 5 primary communication toolsThe article explains how communication is a very important tool in success of every business. It also explains how communication should be utilized within and outside the company’s organization to ensure they achieve their goals and objectives.

The article is all about strengthening communication in the company and with the outside world which is made of customers. The article says that for every business to succeed it should design IMC tools that show the customers their benefits from using the company’s products. The tools should always aim at providing dialogue with the customers to ensure their expectations about the products are met this will help improve the products. The articles also explains that there should be timing before realising any message to the customers because the target market should be considered while communication with the customers.

The article explains the strategies that should be followed so as to have the most effective IMC tool. These strategies include identifying of company’s objectives of the company that it aims to achieve with the tool.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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