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Volunteer travels1.0 introductionVolunteer tourism is gaining popularity at faster speed all over the world due to the fact that many tourists especially fro America and Europe want a holiday that is based on the natural and cultural strengths of the destinations they are visiting. A volunteer tourism program is a wonderful opportunity for the tourists to get nature and culture based tourism experience that ends up fulfilling the desire in the tourists to see that they have done something beneficial for the community they visit and that they have also learned a thing or two about the local culture. 1.1 Background informationVolunteer travels has been in the business of volunteer tourism for the past twelve years providing opportunities for tourists to visit amazing places around the world and at the same time make a difference in the places they visit by offering their skills and effort towards contributing for a better world for both animals and humans.

The company has more than a hundred projects in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Tourists have a chance of improving the lives of local people by offering essential services such as volunteering to teach, maintaining biodiversity and caring for endangered species.

Apart from visiting beautiful sceneries in the regions the tourist visit, they also get a chance to participate in a cultural exchange where they get a chance of having a taste of the local cultures and know them in depth, they learn different languages, cuisines and even make friends for life and so does the local people (volunteertravels. com 2013). The volunteer is guaranteed a good care and support during the volunteering.

The company offers placements where accommodation, food and meaningful activities are an essential part of the whole process. One is guaranteed of a safe travel, good treatment, and all the necessary information and support before, and during the tour. The company recognizes that the main objective is to ensure the local communities benefits from the arrangement and the volunteer gets a real chance to impact on the communities; they visit. As such the company works with local organizations to ensure quality of the whole process and that the benefits are felt by the host community (volunteertravels. com, 2013). The vision of the company is to ensure that as many as possible volunteers should be allowed to live and work in different cultures for a long time to get new perspectives, experiences and values as they work in local communities to improve their wellbeing.

The company’s ambition is then to stay in this endeavor to increase understanding between different cultures and give the travelers an opportunity to contribute to a better world through their volunteer actions (volunteertravels. com, 2013). The company is offering an opportunity for travelers to work with children and youths in less fortunate countries and communities, offering essential expertise in counseling and skill development for this people.

Travelers interested in teaching can volunteer to teach under staffed schools in the areas they visit it is also an opportunity to teach a foreign language like English which is very essential for the population in a globalizing world. The company also facilitates an opportunity for travelers to care for endangered animal species by caring for orphaned animals until they are stable. Travelers can also do constructions in community projects like schools and health centers.

One an also do some extra curricular social activities with the communities like sports event to give disadvantaged children a reason to smile and feel appreciated by others (volunteertravels. com, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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