Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication for the Wilderness Wear Company Products Case Study

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The paper “ Integrated Marketing Communication for the Wilderness Wear Company’ Products“ is a  thoughtful variant of a case study on marketing. The audience targeted is the male and female shoppers who are aged between 17 and 46 years since they are the key customer to the campaigns proposed. The strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis is to be carried on the target audience in response to the IMC. The IMC has set objectives that are aligned with the vision and the mission of the organization of the study.

The detailed IMC plan is meant to cater to the creative, media, marketing, and the public strategies of relations alongside sides marketing products directly to the markets and making suggestions on sales promotion. A flowchart that maps the media plan and the comprehensive budget for the campaigns and the evaluation of the plans is made after the completion of the paper. IntroductionIMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communication. It is responsible for the creation of campaigns as well as the marketing organization's strategy (Kirtley, 2013). The wilderness wear company in Australia was started to provide men and women to wear that has the right material for the climatic conditions in the land (Sharma, et.

al. 2016, pp. 147). The designs too of the wears match the region as well. Moreover, the start of the firm was the presence of wear producing companies whose products did not match the wilderness climatic conditions in Australia among other nations in the wilderness. The Wilderness Wear Company has many competitors who produce the same products as theirs (DeLong, et. al. 2013, pp. 59). The only difference is that the material used by the Wilderness Wear Company is unique and suitable for many customers.

Additionally, the organizations offer their employees good wages as well as favorable working conditions (Swedo, 2015). The Wilderness Wear Company has existed for a long and has developed in the midst of many other competitive organizations. It uses merino wool as the material for their clothing products. These products could be jackets, socks, jackets, trousers, and other clothing attires. The only product the company does not produce re the inner garments for both men and women (Kirtley, 2013).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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