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Impact of Blueprint Mississippi The blueprint Mississippi has made great achievements, as is evident from the survey, done on thousands of business and social workers over the state by the Mississippi Economic Council’s Blueprint Mississippi 2011. Hank Bound, the MEC chairman and the State Commissioner of Higher Education, has expressed satisfaction over the progress made in the past decade, and remarked, ”But we still have miles to go” (Seid, 2011). MEC President, Blake Wilson, confirmed that they have targeted on nine goals and suggestions. The strategic focuses includes promotion of tourism, reducing taxes and regulatory controls, increasing the scope of healthcare, offering schemes to skilled workers for retaining them, controlling the adolescent pregnancy rate, and developing a standard early-education system.

Great strides have been accomplished in the manufacturing and automotive industry in the state (Seid, 2011). Among the twelve blueprint states, Mississippi’s shipping industry has been on the third number, and its impact on the economic index was the highest in the state. Similarly, the timber industry has come on the third rank among the blueprint states. Further strides have been made in certain low-ranked industry sectors such as poultry, timber, and agriculture relatively to other states (Seid, 2011). Education has been central to the state’s economic growth strategy.

Any budgetary cut on education can hamper the growth, and result in huge economic losses. That’s why Dr. Hank Bound has been insisting on not including the education sector while considering the means of bridging the budget deficit. Such small initiatives as increasing graduation rates at high schools by some points and increase in the strength of college graduating students by some hundreds could impact the state’s economy in a big way (Carter, 2011). The focus of the blueprint 2011 is based on four agendas pertaining to education, resource utilization, economic competitiveness, and commercial benefits of technology (Carter, 2011). Raising the standards in education has to be a priority in strategic planning either through budgetary provisions or other allocations.

All high-profile authorities, including the new governor, lieutenant governor, and legislators are part of the list to be presented for blueprint 2011 in the month of October. Accordingly, it is expected that different working committees of the council would present their policy suggestions and goals for discussion in the month of August.

This effort of the MEC comprises the university research teams from Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, Tougaloo College, the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi (Carter, 2011). Worth mentioning initiative of the Mississippi blueprint has been its road show to create awareness among people on the issues of significance in the state. This road show was organized in Pascagoula to know the views of people about the economic growth of the state. People were encouraged to express their opinion electronically on education and economic condition of the state.

The road show helped the cause of the blueprint Mississippi 2011 by discussing issues like competitiveness with other blueprint states, technology, healthcare, and infrastructure. Another topic of discussion was the impact of high insurance rates on the state’s economy. Similar other road shows had been organized at various locations (WLOX, 2011). Governor Haley Barbour has appreciated the role of blueprint 2011 in setting the economic policies and strategy. References Carter, Ted. (2011). Mississippi economic blueprint centers on education.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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