Essays on Impact of Employees Motivation on Service Excellence in the Public Sector Research Proposal

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The paper "Impact of Employees Motivation on Service Excellence in the Public Sector" is an excellent example of a research paper on business. As Bill Gates (1999) once said, in the new digital age, customer service is the competitive differentiator for all organizations. According to Beevers (2010), customer service experience can be simply defined as how well an organization can be able to meet the needs of the customer in a consistent and constant way. In other words, excellence in customer service experience is demonstrated when an organization is able to give a good value of money, is honest, meets deadlines, and has a high reputation as well as encouraging complaints, responding to criticism, handling them well and demonstrates being passionate about customers.

In addition, people are well trained, respected, flexible, knowledgeable, friendly, stable, involved as well as being consistent at all levels. This is where a culture of efficiency, professionalism, caring, teamwork, but with a touch of fun and character is perceived. Davidson (2006) also states that a model such as Porter’ s diamond theory as well as Mann’ s three legs is linked to service excellence with a representation of committed customers, motivated employees and satisfied providers of resources.

This is more important because customer service begins with the customers and with a wide variety of customers in the public sector; customer service can be achieved through a combination of motivation and satisfaction. It is very important for an organization to understand well who its customers are. This can be achieved through various methods where stakeholder analysis is a popular one. According to Kotler and Lee (2010), a stakeholder is an individual or a group affected or can affect the achievement of the purpose of an organization.

Public sector stakeholders are crucial to the success of customer service excellence and are numerous because they include internal and external customers. This implies that the public sector is responsible for key societal functions such as education and health among others as well as being a major employer and needs to be motivated to ensure success in the provision of services.   Key Literature review According to Speller and Ghobadian, (1993), the public sector must place more importance on customer service because it has to.

There is little choice for the public sector but to consider the satisfaction of its customers because this is a key plank for the success of the government and the sector is also taken into account. This calls for strategies that are customer-led instead of being service-led and also calls for exceeding minimum standards for achievement of high-quality service but for less. Thus, this presents a clear picture that there is a rise in the expectations of public services but because of the current volatile environment, reaching such expectations is important.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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