Essays on EU Membership of the UK and the Impact on the UK Policy Case Study

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The paper 'EU Membership of the UK and the Impact on the UK Policy " is a good example of a politics case study.   The UK membership in the EU is as important in terms of policymaking and it not only affects the policy-making process of the European Union but it also has an impact on the UK’ s national policy process. A number of policies bear the effect of this membership. The effect arises from, among other factors, the fact that at the EU level, there is Europeanization of many interests and thus any policy decision made by a particular member state must bear in mind this Europeanization (Fairbrass and Warleigh 2002: 146-61). Among the policies that face the impact of the EU membership of the UK are the environment and the health policies, the UK’ s transport Policy, the agriculture policy, employment, and social policies.

As matters become regional as opposed to local, the perspective at which these policies are implemented change immensely in the reflection of the wider perspective which EU advocates. UK Environment and Health Policy The UK’ s policy on environment and health has a long history which can be traced from the Public Health Act (1848).

This act gave Boards of Health mandate to improve water supplies of water, the drainage system, and sanitation. The main aim behind this was to improve public health (Crump, 2009). The strategy that currently supports this policy has the main aim of improving public health. The integration of environment and health considerations into the strategy helps in boosting the practicability of the strategy. For instance, planning regulations permit new building developments to be restricted or denied on the basis of the quality of air (and consequently potential effects on human health).

The involvement of the UK in the international environmental issues also contributes to the diverse impacts the development of polices have on the UK’ s environment and health policies. Previous evaluation of the impact of EU membership on the UK Environment and Health Policy In the year 2004, the impact of the UK environment and health policies was assessed in relation to the European Environment and Health Process. The result showed that there are a number of impacts that would directly accrue from UK membership.

However, the impacts and influences that the policies would have were identified to be marginal and indirect (Crump, 2009). Some of the major influences and impacts which were nevertheless indirect were augmentation of the cooperative spirit among the member states and departments in the government, increased responsiveness in relation to environmental and health issues (Crump, 2009). The awareness of states on environment and health matters would be increased more so on the international level or perspective which will have another positive effect of bringing higher political profile of the issues that concern the environment and health (Young, 2006).

An implementation process that is clearly spelled is paramount for the success of the policy at the national or local level. Without a clear process or indicators of implementation, the strategies that relate to environment and health are unlikely to be achieved with complete success starting at the local level (Sands, 2003). The EEHP has a major aim of providing support to the member states in their planning and implementation of individual national or international policies on environment and health matters.

This aim has an overall objective or goal of improving the living and health conditions using sustainable approaches in addressing the environmental and health issues. The process has had a number of outcomes in the past. They're a series of conferences that have resulted from the process in the past where the first of such an outcome was accounted for in the late 1980s while others following in the 90s as well as 2004 (Young, 2006).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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