Essays on Impact of Global Forces on UK Business Organisations Assignment

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The paper "Impact of Global Forces on UK Business Organisations" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. This essay intends to achieve the goals of three different tasks. In order to achieve the broad goals of this essay, the purposes of different types of organizations, the nature of the national environment in which the business operates behavior of organization in their market environment, and the global factors that shape national business activities will be critically discussed. Discussion Task 1 In order to accomplish the goals of task one, two effective selections have been made.

The first one is the Michaels Fellowship’ which is a local charitable organization of the United Kingdom. The second one is ‘ Tesco PLC’ which is a private limited company currently operational within the UK markets based upon which the essay structure will be framed. (a). Purpose and Ownership of Selected Organisations and the Contrasts between These Two Businesses Before determining the purpose and the ownerships, it would be vital to consider that there generally lay two types of organizations based on the criteria of purpose which include non-profit organizations also known as a charity organization and profit-driven organizations.

Taking into consideration the purpose of non-profit organizations such as St Michaels Fellowship, it can be stated that these organizations generally aim towards uplifting the underdeveloped and the over-exploited sections of the society. For instance, helping the poverty-stricken people within a specific location in terms of making them capable enough for self-earning and bring them to the mainstream of society. St Michaels Fellowship also provides parents with adequate training and guidelines for making them employment worthy and capable of being responsible parents to their children (St Michaels Fellowship, n.d. ).

Thus, the primary purpose of non-profit organizations like St Michaels Fellowship is to achieve social welfare. Similarly, the owners of non-profit organizations like St Michaels Fellowship are generally trustees or large business organizations who want to project their concerns towards societal development and wellbeing. They invest a significant amount of funds with the prime intention of getting indulged into CSR activities through which they attain a significant amount of market reputation and customer preference.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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