Essays on Impact Of The Well Designed Web Site Of A Hotel On The Business Success Assignment

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OUR COMPANY’S WEBSITE 1 TERMS OF REFERENCEThis report was written on the instructions of the Supervisor Mr _______ to investigate the reasons and causes for the inability of our website in communicating the right impact on customers so as to positively influence them into patronising the hotel, as also to give recommendations as to how improvements can be made to enhance the communication aspects of the website so that more customers are attracted to try the hotel. The investigation in this regard has been focused on comparing the website of Leviathan Hotel with a very well developed website of a successful hotel such as the Mollies Boutique Hotel, and rectification must be made in this regard so that the viewing of our hotel website proves to be more productive in terms of larger number of patrons and guests. 2 PROCEDURESInformation was collected for this report by ascertaining: The appeal generated by the website amongst readers The levels of colour combinations and page designs Convenience in navigating through the website How user friendly it has proved to be in benefiting the hotel Comparison with pages of another popular New Zealand hotel.

Whether the right advertising and sponsorship is in place Whether all required information is provided in the web pages If the content has clarity and whether there is ease of use Clarity, conciseness and correctness Visual aspects of the site are consistent with latest trends 3 FINDINGS(First impression) The first thing that happens on opening the website is the unpleasant sight of a pop up that gives the rate chart showing charges for different services. (Homepage) The content in the homepage comes straight to the point in providing details about the hotel facilities.

It does not provide for guests or visitors to make comments about the site in contrast to other hotel sites. (Website Content) The website content does not address the issues relating to the guest or visitor, but constantly harps on what the hotel provides. A hotel has to provide all such facilities so there is no big deal about repeatedly mentioning the services. (History Page) There is a full detailed page on the history of the hotel where mention is also made of a ghost inhabiting a part of the hotel, which will certainly put of quite a few from visiting the hotel. (Guest Expectations) The information given in the website is not prioritised in keeping with the aspirations of hotel guests. (Navigation) Navigation through the website is not smooth as there is no table of contents or site map and index.

This is amply proved by the following screen dumps. Home page (top) (only links here are ‘Email’ and ‘Book On-line’)Home page (bottom) (only links here are ‘Email’ and ‘more info’ and ‘AA’ – New Zealand Automobile Association)(Conciseness) The website lacks conciseness in not addressing all hotel issues from the guest’s point of view. (Attractiveness) The website has not been made attractive and lacks appropriate bulleted lists or meaningful subheadings.

The screen dumps of the website given below amply prove this.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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