Essays on Impact Of Unmet Expectations On Employee Attitudes Coursework

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Impact of unmet expectations on employee attitudes Impact of unmet expectations on employee attitudes Cassandra is assistant manager in Walden sports. She has several unmet expectations that had been mentioned during her job interview but have not been met in the course of her four months in the company. She had been told that the employees forms part of the Walden family in their relations. She interpreted this as great teamwork and high levels of communication between the employees. However, the work relation in the company is quite fractured.

The newly established travel agency has created a war between the traditional retail employees and the travel experience folks. There is also lots of work in the management section creating high level of confusion and competition. In addition, the employee indicates that she is not sure of who to go to whenever the overlap and overwork issues become problematic. These unmet expectations could affect her job performance since her level of motivation might decrease. She might also feel inferior considering that even the top officials are unwilling to collaborate with other employees, her included. The realistic job preview could have helped change the employee’s expectations.

She could have been told the true characteristics of the job both positive and negative and she could know what to expect before even joining the organization (Laureate, 2014). She could have the true picture of the war between the employees, the overwork and the unavailability of individuals to talk to incase of problems in addition to other benefits of the organization. This could result into Cassandra and the other employees to have the true picture of the working condition of the organization. ReferencesLaureate Education, Inc.

(2012). Antecedents of job attitudes. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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