Essays on Implementing and Monitoring Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Assignment

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The paper “ Implementing and Monitoring Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices” is a thoughtful option of assignment on environmental studies. Stakeholders are any persons that will be affected by the continued existence of operations of a project. The best  practice is adopting a benchmark of techniques that will demonstrate superior results against those achieved through other means. iii. Resource efficiency: Minimizing the impacts of activities on the environment by utilizing the scarce resources on Earth more sustainably Environmental Management Systems (EMS): These means documenting and planning environmental programs of an organization more systematically and comprehensively. It also involves developing, executing and maintain environmental protection policy using organizational resources. Environmental purchasing: This means buying a product with a reduced or lesser effect on the environment and human health compared to competing products serving a similar purpose. A lifecycle approach: An effective approach to analyzing the environmental and health impacts of certain activities of a firm or organization on the environment. vii.

Supply Chain Management: Involves all sustainable activities or operations of getting the right product to the hands of the right customers within the right time. This covers stages from the extraction of raw materials to consumer purchases. viii.

Continuous improvement: Refers to an ongoing effort of improving processes, services, and product quality to conform to expected quality and be more environmentally sustainable. Pay-back period: The period it takes to make sustainable returns on investment considering non-cash benefits, and cost of societal and environmental factors such as lower emissions. Sources of data about environmental sustainability Internal sources include annual reports (e. g. annual financial reports) and internal surveys (e. g. questionnaires) External sources include industry magazines (e. g. eco-journals) and print or electronic media (e. g. Earth TV) Qualifications, qualities, and experience of an environmental compliance assessor The candidate should have at least a diploma or degree in business information systems, working knowledge in environmental impact assessment, more than 3 years of experience in environmental auditing and should be capable of collecting, analyzing and presenting data obtained from the audits.

The individual should also be passionate about sustainability issues in organizations entrenched in their corporate mission. Waste prevention starts with buying a product that can have less harm to the environment and human health. To promote a cleaner and healthier environment, it should start from the manufacturer down to the final consumer.

This means that the consumer can choose to buy a product that is biodegradable or recyclable. PDCA cycle means; P-Plan, D-Do, C-Control, and A-Act (Griffith & Jones, 12). Upon identifying a problem in an organization, it is appropriate to plan resources and interventions, and then implement. These implementations will need to be controlled by acting on the issues arising. In a recent visit to a company, the minimum level of acid released to the wastewater has been high. The company decided to investigate and allocated resources to check the leakage of acids into the wastewater.

Within two weeks, they had sought a solution and made decisions to always limit the excess acid emptied from the filtration processes. Total costs incurred by the island resort = $38,000; Total savings = $2,500 per quarter and $2,000 per year. The total cost benefits (savings) per year = Savings in cost of bulbs and labor + savings on the electricity bill.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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