Essays on Implement And Monitor Marketing Activities Assignment

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The paper "Implement And Monitor Marketing Activities" is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. To succeed in implementing a marketing plan, it is important to brief stakeholders on their duties. Lingard (2010) elaborated that marketing plan stakeholders comprise of people who are concerned with marketing activities. Some of these stakeholders are human resources personnel, managers, shareholders, and company directors. BBQFun marketing plan must be approved by the Board of directors hence it is imperative to keep them posted on the status of the project before it is approved.

The responsibility of approving the progress report also rests with the board of directors. They need to be aware of how the plan is progressing. Secondly, human resources personnel should be briefed to allow them to recruit and train staff who will implement the marketing plan. According to BBQFun marketing plan, the store will seek to create customer awareness in relation to services offered. This means that more staff should be employed and trained to increase the effectiveness of communicating advertisement messages during the campaign. The human resources department needs a report covering staffing needs.

This report submitted to the human resources will be supported by information contained in the marketing plan. Thirdly, finance staff ought to be briefed on the potential cost to be incurred by the company. This information will help finance staff to draw a budget that takes into account the marketing plan. As an example, BBQfun will need to establish a separate cost center to take care of income and expenses that arise from the marketing plan. BBQfun has set its advertising budget at $250,000. This budget will cover local letterbox drops, radio, and magazines.

Such information will be presented to the finance department in the form of a request for funding. Concisely, the proposal furnishes the finance team on their role in the marketing plan. Briefing Marketing and Non-marketing Staff To implement successfully a marketing plan, both marketing and non-marketing members should be part of all marketing and follow up activities. Some of the marketing staff includes advertising staff, managers, public relations staff, sales personnel, and supervisors. As noted by Lancaster and Reynolds (1995), the marketing and non-marketing team must always focus on increasing sales since it ensures an organization carries on its activities into the near future.

In the process of implementing a marketing plan, the marketing team must be given information such as objectives, duties, and performance measures. The debt of this information varies with the level of staff participation in marketing activities. Staff with the direct role of implementing a marketing plan will be given sufficient details covering the entire plan in addition to strategies and tactics to be deployed. As an example, BBQfun sales staff will be furnished with information on the overall marketing plan and strategies to be utilized.

This group may not need details on pricing or sales processes. BBQfun classified its objectives into marketing and financial objectives. Part of the marketing objectives concentrated on increasing annual sales from $15 million to $20 million. Similarly, the plan had an objective of raising loyalty customer list by 6,000 and increasing brand recognition in Brisbane such that within a time span of 18 months, 75% of target customers were aware of BBQfun brand. On the other hand, financial objectives focused on double digit growth rate yearly and reduction in overhead through efficient management of expenses.

BBQFun further had a financial objective of increasing gross profit margin to 50%. The sales team must be briefed on this information.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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