Essays on Three Roles of PCBUs in regard to Work Health and Safety Assignment

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The paper 'Three Roles of PCBUs in regard to Work Health and Safety" is a perfect example of a management assignment. PCBU is supposed to take control of workplaces or involved in the management of workplaces so far as is reasonably practicable. Some of the factors PCBU has to consider the means of entry and exit are available, and anything occurring in the workplace does not create risks to the safety and health of any individual. PCBU is involved in the control or management of plant, fittings, and fixtures provide it is within ‘ so far as is reasonably practicable. ’ It means that considerations are incorporated in plant, fittings, and fixtures in that the construction and usage do not create health and safety problems to any individual. PCBU as an importer, supplier, manufacturer or design has to uphold health and safety requirements.

In relation to structures, substances or plant should be free from different risks to health and safety to individuals who may be affected. It also means appropriate information should be provided to ensure safety and health requirements are upheld. Identify 5 duties of care of employers toward workplace health and safety. The following are the duties of care of employers (a caveat is “ so far as reasonably practicable” ): The employer is required to provide and maintain machinery, tools, safe plant and systems of work The employer must ensure that the transport of substances such as chemicals, plant, and storage, handling, and use of different products and equipment is safe and does not expose risks to the employees The employer must ensure that the area that the individual manages is safe and absent from any risks to health and safety through processes such as risk assessment The employer must provide adequate facilities such as first aid, dining areas, lockers, toilets and washrooms The employer has to provide supervision, training, instruction, and information to the employees regarding health and safety and be in a position to work safely but it is not bonded by ‘ so far as is reasonably practicable. ’ The employers are required to inform the employees of hazards and other potential threats at the workplace and working environment. Identify 5 duties of care of employees toward workplace health and safety. The employees are required to: Reasonably care for their own safety and health through embracing different strategies.

For example, employees are required to wear protective equipment and adhere to safe work procedures. In addition, the employees should not misuse or interfere with anything that the employer provides such as signs and equipment that is aimed at championing workplace safety. The employees have to consider the health and safety of others through following the workplace health and safety procedures. For example, the employees are not supposed to change or remove machine guards, not behave in a manner that put others and themselves at risk The employee is supposed to cooperate and contribute to advancing workplace health and safety.

It includes providing assistance such as first aid to an injured person. The employees have to work together in creating a safe working environment through cooperation and teamwork The employees have to be ambassadors for safety through advocating and reporting health and safety-related issues. It includes reporting near misses, illnesses, injuries and hazards It is imperative to note that the employer as legal responsibility for an employee’ s health meaning the employee has to engage the employer.

It includes informing the employer about your health and other issues that place the working environment at risk. In addition, the employee has to inform the employer of changes that may affect work such as suffering an injury or becoming pregnant.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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