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The paper "Operational Plan" is a good example of a Management assignment. This project contributes significantly to organizational performance goals. Through the project, the organization will provide an opportunity for older people to maintain and improve their fitness and health.   This is the core goal and objective of this organization. It seeks to help people to improve their health and fitness, this project helps this organization in achieving this goal and therefore helps the organization in achieving performance goal (Grisogono & Ryan 2007). Another way that this project contributes to the organizational performance goals is the provision of individualized attention to the clients through fitness testing, health screening, personal training instructions, fitness evaluations, and exercise programming.

This project is a medium that the organization will seek to provide these very important aspects to the clients. These are the main activities and aspects that this organization provides to the clients. As such, the project contributes significantly to organizational performance goals. Another way is that through this project, the organization will offer weight and lifestyle management program to the clients. The 500 members included in this project will benefit very much from programs for managing their weight and lifestyle from the organization not only for the duration of the project but even after the project.

The organization offers a variety of exercises according to the health and fitness level of the clients (Holsapple et al. , 2005). The organization has professional and qualified fitness and health trainers for taking clients through their programs. The persons included in this project will benefit from the resources both human and equipment in ensuring that they are healthy and fit as well.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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