Essays on Implementing Age Policy in the Organisation in Order to Promote Equality Assignment

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Here is a preliminary list of questions they may ask you: Dont forget, right before your appointment to read the dissertation again thoroughly, because they will probably place it in front of you, asking you to locate certain topics and discuss them. They might ask you something like, "You believe that Smiths assessment of age policies is somewhat unforgiving. Do you believe you, as a student, can dis-credit a professionals work? " Sample Reply: It wasnt my intention to discredit anyone, just to take a completely unbiased viewpoint. I had to go into this study with the idea that I was completely neutral on age policies.

I tend to find age policies more positive than negative, but I had to see everything from both points of view! ! (This is so important that you say something like this if they ask you a question like that). 1. You set up a research center? How did you manage that? Well, it was a very amateur center. It was actually just a series of clipboards, papers, and miscellaneous items that I set up on a (card, banquet, etc. ) table with a tablecloth.

I just wanted to get peoples attention, so I thought that making things appear professional would do it. I was always looking over my shoulder to see if a store owner was going to tell me to leave! However, I discussed that briefly in the dissertation. (Which you did ). 2. Wasnt the weather quite inappropriate for this time of year? It was chilly, but I purposely watched the local weather forecasts to determine what days would be the best to set everything up. The people didnt seem to mind much either, in fact, a lot of them were pretty excited about being questioned.

(LAUGH) It was like they had never been allowed to give their opinion before! Anyhow, people were shopping anyhow, so it was appropriate for the study. Someone even tried to offer me £10 for listening! 3. In your pie chart, you show different responses as reasons for why your respondents didnt think age policies promoted equality? Are you suggesting these are all the EXACT words they responded with? Well, I pointed out in the dissertation that I would need to take somewhat of a subjective approach in analyzing the results.

Like, for example, under the responses where "no camaradie" was used, I had to come up with a single term to explain their answers. For example, one would say that friendships were diminished, and another would say that relationships had been affected negatively. I determined that "no camaraderie" was the appropriate way to blend their responses into something that could be charted on a graph. **** The next question #4 is very important**** 4.

How do you personally feel about age policies? Or, are you comfortable with the results? I think age policies are important in a business, especially with people getting older today. I think they have the potential to offer a lot of benefit to the business for everyone. I think my results say a lot about peoples attitudes in this local area, but I believe that I pointed out that this could be a potential weakness of the study. Im comfortable that this is their opinion, but I also suggested future research studies should be conducted on a broader scale.

****When they ask you these kinds of question, they are trying to uncover whether you believe in age policies in a good way. If you make them think that YOU PERSONALLY dont like age policies, they will argue your credibility after you leave the meeting. You will need to be positive about age policies. You think they are a pretty good idea, but your results tend to say otherwise. 5. Do you feel comfortable with the appropriateness of the secondary sources you chose to review? There is not really a great deal of literature available on age policies, recent information.

With the new legislation about age policies in the UK, a lot of businesses are being FORCED into complying by law. So, in a lot of ways, age policies seem to be nothing much more than formalities today, at least in this area. I located some information early on about age policies from many many years ago, so I didnt believe it was appropriate for this study. ***If they try to provoke you, meaning if they try to assess how you feel about your entire dissertation, here are some quality options for you to consider: There are a lot of things that I would have done differently, if thats what youre asking me.

The research center was difficult to manage, the managing of the papers would have been better accomplished with an assistant. I would have chosen a method to interview a larger sample, but I believe I discussed that in the dissertation. This dissertation was pretty small scale, but a lot of that is due to where I live.

Some people were pretty rude about not wanting to participate. This was the first large-scale study Ive done, so I learned a few methods to make a project like this more effective in the future. I think I had high hopes about how much I could handle by myself with a study of this volume and importance. Ive always had the attitude that I want to do it myself, without assistance. I think that I learned a lot about how to manage critical projects through this experience. None of this was easy!

The writing was tough, the people were tough, but I feel it to be at least an unbiased contribution to research studies.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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